How to recover deleted phtos from iCloud
How to recover deleted phtos from iCloud

A Large number of Apple users use iCloud as the main storing place for their digital world, it includes everything from photos to contacts. Just like any type of storage system. Accidents do happen, we may experience loss of images for many reasons, such as, Attack of the virus, damage to the device, failures of jailbreak, accidentally deleting all images, and many more. So, In order to avoid these kinds of circumstances you need to create a backup. If you are an Apple user, iCloud makes this possible. Apple allows you to back up your Apple devices using iCloud. iCloud have many other interesting features too. You can share your pictures and music and many other important documents with anyone you want using iCloud. If you’ve backed up your photos to iCloud, fortunately, you can recover any deleted photos from an iCloud backup file. In this article, you will learn how to recover deleted photos from iCloud. There are several different ways to recover an iCloud backup or your deleted photos from your iCloud depending on where you have deleted your photos or whether you have enabled iCloud photos or not. Let’s proceed with this.

Restore Photos when iCloud photos are enabled

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Method 1: Recover deleted photos without third party app

If you want to check whether iCloud photos are enabled or not, head to settings, click on your name, now tap on iCloud, then tap photos. Now check whether iCloud photos toggle is on or off. ICloud contains the recently deleted album. If you have deleted your photos within a period of 1 month then it is very easy to recover an iCloud backup or those photos without using a third-party app.

Follow these easy steps if your problem fall in this category.

Recover Deleted Photos
  • Head to and sign in using your iCloud email and password
  • Tap on the Photos.
  • Now Click on the albums appears at the top.
  • Tap on the photos you want to restore.
  • Now click on Recover
How to recover deleted photos

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Method 2: Recover deleted photos Using third party app

(a) Syncios iPhone Data Recovery

Syncios iPhone Data Recovery is a very powerful and helpful tool that supports retrieving many contents from iCloud backup ranging from Photos, Videos, WhatsApp messages, important documents, and much more. This app is available free on the Apple app store. Moreover, it is compatible with each and every iPhone model be it the latest one or the oldest one.

Syncios iPhone Data Recovery

Follow these easy steps to recover iCloud backup or your deleted photos.

  • Download this app on your pc first from
  • Then tap on Recover from iCloud Backup File
  • Choose the only backup file for the device that you have already synced with.
  • Then click Start Scan.
  • When the scanning process is all done, now you can see all contents of the iCloud backup file like photos, WhatsApp messages, etc.
  • Now tap on the camera roll below the photos and videos head
  • Now all photos will be shown, select those pictures that you want to recover, then tap on Recover.
Syncios iPhone Data Recovery

(b) How to Recover photos without iOS device

If for any reason your iPhone or iPad is damaged, or somebody stole it from you, don’t worry, you can still find your photos using PanFone Data Recovery. PanFone Data Recovery is one of the most reliable and trusted tools which allows you to retrieve your permanently lost videos, photos, documents, and much more.

Follow these easy steps to recover your deleted Photos from iCloud.

PanFone Data recovery
  • First, install PanFone Data recovery in your PC from
  • Now tap sign in and tap on Recover iCloud from a backup file
  • Now different backup files will be listed and shown
  • Select the one you want to get access to
  • Tap on next and simply tick on the files you want to download
  • After completion of download start scanning to extract the files
  • Now every content in detail will be displayed
  • Select those which you would like to recover
  • After the download process tap on next to extract the backup file quickly.
PanFone Data recovery

Recover deleted Photos when iCloud Photos is disabled

If this is the case that you have not enabled iCloud Photos, don’t worry there are still some ways to recover your photos. Even if your photos are gone for good from every apple server still there is a chance that they might be stored in a third-party backup somewhere in your PC. A tool made by Copytrans is very helpful for you in this situation, this tool runs an automatic backup search in your pc and lists down each and every backup they found in your pc. This app helps you to find iCloud or any third-party backup and extract it to your Pc. Follow these easy steps to recover your deleted photos.

Copytrans Backup Extracter
  • Download CopyTrans Backup Extracter from
  • Install and run the program
  • Now wait until the program completes Automatic backup hunt
  • After completion it will list down and display the backups it hunts in your pc
  • Select the backup you think contains your photos
  • Enter the password if it is encrypted
Copytrans Backup Extracter

  • After your confirmation list of all data types this backup contains will be shown
  • Now tap on Photos and click on extract
  • Now select the folder you want your photos to be extracted in.

I hope now you have clear cut idea of how to recover deleted photos from iCloud or how to recover iCloud backup. If you know any other method or you are facing any problem in recovering your deleted photos mention it in the comment section below.

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