Apple has released iOS 13.5.1 updates recently. The company suggests to download and install update instantly. It provides important security updates. To fix the crucial flux in the system’s security, Apple recommends its users to immediately download and install the update. Apple’s software update on their twitter account suggests that the update is planned to precise the kernel susceptibility used to break the recent Unc0ver protection. On the report of Apple Support page, which elucidates matters more plainly. The update is designed to prevent an application from “executing random code with kernel privileges”. Or in other words, to put a stop to jailbreak iOS 13.5.1 is designed.

Team Unc0ver’s claims of jailbreak tool

unc0ver's claim.

As the team unc0ver affirms that using this jailbreak tool they can unlock any iPhone device running iOS 11 and above. Even devices having iOS 13.5 are also susceptible to this jailbreak tool.

Hackers work round the clock to find any flaws in the security system.They also try to find security lacks in older versions of iOS. By doing this they attain access to the algorithm of these efficiently secure systems. Once they find any flux they can easily find several flaws.

Apple’s quick response to update iOS 13.5 to iOS 13.5.1

iOS 13.5.1 is available on all iPhone6 and after devices

 Recent Unc0ver jailbreak tool was chiefly detectable in the iOS jailbreaking circle as it was available on the current iOS 13.5 at the time. It permits users of the latest Apple devices to install new software features outside the boundaries of the Apple app store. However, for iPhone users, it would be exciting to be able to get more customization options in their apple devices. These kinds of flaws in security systems of operating systems like iOS will create a huge blemish on Apple as it is known for its unbreakable security. So, it is not astounding for anyone to observe that Apple moved swiftly to fix the vulnerability.

To secure their millions of users apple releases iOS 13.5.1. A 75 Mb security update to put a stop to jailbreaking. This newest apple update iOS 13.5.1 is available to all iOS users. Apple suggests to download and update it immediately. 

Kernel susceptibility

The recent unc0ver jailbreak tool deploys zero kernel vulnerability. Last month after the release of iOS 13.5. The system modifications were enabled on any Apple device running this specific version of iOS 13. The kernel exploit differs from devices like checkm8. It does not work with newer devices but cannot be repaired by Apple with iOS updates.

unc0ver's jail break is no more.

Currently, those users who have update to iOS 13.5.1 can also revert back to iOS 13.5 using computer. So, they can jail break an iPhone or iPad. Once Apple stops signing iOS 13.5, it will not be possible to use recent unc0ver jailbreak tool until they find another vulnerability.


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