Google has added a new feature to Google Lens which is the multipurpose object recognition tool of the search giant. This new feature will be very helpful for many students and others who need it. You can now use Google Lens to copy text from the real world and paste it into your laptop. Before this update, Lens can copy the text captured by the camera to a smartphone, but now it can copy and paste handwritten text on your computer. In this article, you will find some exciting Google lens features and also how to copy and paste handwritten text easily using google Lens

How to copy and paste Handwritten notes

If you want this new feature, you must possess the latest version of Google Lens. Google lens app is available for both Android and iOS users, on Google Play and App Store respectively. If your android phone doesn’t have Google lens by default, don’t worry you can download it from Google play store too.

Follow these easy steps to copy and paste the handwritten text on your smartphone or on your computer

  • First, open the Google Lens app or press the Lens button in the Google app.
  • Now, you simply need to point your camera at any handwritten notes.
  • Tap to take a picture to highlight it on-screen and copy the text you want
  • Now, go to any document in Google Docs and tap edit
  • Now paste that copied text.
  • If you want to transfer text, select the text you want to transfer.
  • Now, click on “Copy to computer”.
  • Now, your text  will be copied to your computer

This feature is very helpful if you have written in a neat and understandable manner. For those students who take online lectures, this app is very useful

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Other Google Lens features

copy and paste handwritten text

Google Lens can also identify plants and animals, you can extract facts about different landmarks around you. You can also scan clothes and furniture, to read QR codes.
You can also learn how to pronounce new words and quickly search for new concepts. Google also offers a Pronunciation Tool. Google lens also offers to search different concepts with this AI camera tool. You can also search phrases, it will show the google results of that phrase. Now you can copy and paste handwritten text easily using google Lens
Google Len’s concept was first introduced in 2017. This concept uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to know what this image is all about by comparing it to countless data sets of countless other images.

I hope now you have an idea of how to copy and paste the handwritten text. However, if you face any difficulty in using this app you can ask us in the comment section below.

“Now, when you select text with Lens, you can tap ‘copy to computer’ to quickly paste it on another signed-in device with Chrome. This is great for quickly copying handwritten notes (if you write neatly!) and pasting it on your laptop without having to retype them all”, Google said on its blog.


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