YouTube is considered the world’s most successful streaming platform for multiple reasons. For instance, the platform boasts a user base that comprises millions of individuals. Primarily because the platform hosts content belonging to all genres. Is your Youtube not working? Don’t worry, read this article to solve the problem. Besides this, YouTube also features millions of music tracks and podcasts, which is why, according to Musically. It is the most popular music streaming service in the world right now.

Moreover, the platform also offers the option to upload videos and hold live-streaming sessions. This offers them an opportunity to earn money from AdSense. The globally-renowned platform offers dedicated applications for all platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, etc.

Furthermore, users can also access the web-based version of the platform using any web-enabled devices web browser. However, there are instances when YouTube exhibits issues. For example, the YouTube app refuses to open on Android smartphones. However, users can fix the problem by restarting their phone or updating the YouTube app.

Similarly, there are instances when YouTube does not work properly on iPhones. However, like Android users, iOS users can fix the issue in numerous ways. For example, they can check whether YouTube is down and wait for the server to turn back on again. Besides this, they can also try to resolve their issues by restarting their device. If you are an iPhone user facing trouble when using YouTube and wish to fix the issue, visit

Even though users of different platforms require different methods of resolving YouTube-related issues. There are specific potential solutions that users of all platforms can try to resolve YouTube problems. This article will highlight some highly-effective resolution tips following which users of most problems can resolve YouTube-related issues without hassle. Let’s solve the problem:

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1. Clear The Cache and Delete the Cookies

There are instances when expired cookies or unwanted data prevent YouTube from functioning properly. When this happens, it prevents users from consuming content seamlessly. Thus, it should be dealt with immediately. Thankfully, users can resolve the issue without hassle. If you use a web browser to access YouTube, all you need to do is navigate to the browser’s settings. Open the cache and cookies section and select the option that states or resembles “Clear data.” Doing so will eliminate all the cluttered data and allow users to access YouTube without hassle.

On the other hand, if you use YouTube’s dedicated application to consume content. Or upload videos, you would need to go to your device’s App Settings. Now, search for the YouTube app. Tap on the “Clear Data” or “Clear Cache” option to resolve it. Besides this, you can also choose to uninstall the application and then install it again. However, doing so is not advised since you would need to log in and set up your app from scratch.

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2. Get Rid of Problematic Extensions

Extensions are super helpful utilities that facilitate users to perform numerous activities within their web browser. However, there are instances when specific extensions cause internal issues and prevent YouTube from running normally. Hence, whenever you face such an issue, one of the best solutions that can resolve the problem is getting rid of extensions that you do not use or recognize.

To do so, you first need to navigate to the Extensions section of your web browser by opening its Settings. Once you open the section, you will see a list of all the sections installed on your browser. From here, delete the ones you hardly use or get rid of the ones you had no idea were installed on the browser. Since the unrecognizable ones are usually the main culprits behind the issue.

3. Update Your System’s Graphics Drivers

If you use a computer to consume content on YouTube and are facing green screen problems. It may be because your device’s graphics drivers are not up-to-date. Hence, you need to update your computer’s graphics driver to resolve the issue. For instance, if you are a Windows user, you can update your computer’s graphics driver by navigating to the “Display Adapters” section. Now, search for new updates by clicking on the “Update driver” option. And completing the process by confirming the download.

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On the other hand, if you are a macOS user, you can update your device’s graphics driver by navigating to the Software update. You can find this section in the Apple menu. MacOS receives an embedded update, i.e., all driver updates are included in the main software update. Thus, if you see a new update available in the “Software Update” section, install it and restart your Mac. Doing so will potentially resolve the YouTube issue if Youtube not working on your Mac.

YouTube is an excellent platform that facilitates users to consume and upload video content. However, there are times when its official website or app does not function properly. To resolve YouTube-related issues, follow the aforementioned tips.

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