Billions of people use YouTube. There is a variety of content and some of the content creators can be of same category as well. YouTube is becoming one of the main sites for streaming online videos. As the number of users increasing it is now becoming a nest of copyright infringement as well. You can find out how to avoid copyright on YouTube.

What is Copyright?

In simple words copyright protects the work which was earlier created by some person or you can say it is the “original work of a person”. There are so many confusions about how somebody can use someone else’s video in their own with permission otherwise it could result in a strike.

Misunderstanding Copyright

The secure way to steer clear of copyright violations is to upload your own content YouTube. Sometime, users are unaware that they have literally violated laws of copyright. This is where they misunderstood copyright laws.

YouTube’s Copyright Policy

Before you find how to avoid copyright on YouTube, first you should be aware of it’s policy. YouTube educates its users the basics of copyright. Content creators can protect themselves from infringements by giving a lot of information on its website.

YouTube has provided a set of fair usage guidelines. These guidelines list the factors mentioned in Fair Usage Policy. In addition, with some general information to help clear confusions such as giving credit to the copyright owner.

To save copyright owners, YouTube has a system which is known as Content ID. This system aid owners recognize and run their own video. Every content is uploaded and scanned against a data of files submitted by other content owners. If the content uploaded matches in the content uploaded in the previous video, YouTube won’t tolerate it.

Thus, the owner needs to do the following things:

  1. Mute the music in the video.
  2. Stop viewing a whole video clip.
  3. Monetize your video by showing ads on it.
  4. Follow up your video viewing statistics.

This power provides copyright owners and they are aware of possible violations of their content. It provides the user who uploaded it a license if the owner chose to allow the work.

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Detecting Copyrighted Material

YouTube can identify if a video involves copyrighted material without wasting any time. If YouTube finds copyright infringement, it will remove the video and issue a copyright violation. YouTube can terminate a channel after three copyright warnings. The common copyright infringement is the use of music owned by record companies. If the video on YouTube is permitted for educational purposes, They may be deactivated or any Adsense revenue earned may be transferred to the original content creator.

Uploading a video containing the lyrics without copyrighted music allows channels to monetize this content under “fair use”. YouTube takes copyright infringement very seriously. Make sure that any video you post that does not belong to you is an “acceptable use”. Uploading Twitch Live to YouTube is not an “acceptable use” without a comment in the posted video.

Avoiding Copyright

So, to avoid copyright, the content creator can do the things mentioned below:

  1. Usage of Royalty Free Music.
  2. The content in the video should be original.
  3. Doing maximum edit of a video and uploading it under “fair use”.
  4. Do not upload sensitive and harmful content.

Owner Rights

The owner of copyright can allow you to do the below mentioned things:

  1. Prepare the derivative work on the ground of the copyrighted work.
  2. Replicate the copyrighted work in copies or audiotape.
  3. To give out copies or sound audio recordings of the copyrighted work to the people by selling out or passing on ownership.
  4. In the case of figurative, musical, acting and dance works, dramatic or literary works, drawings or models including single images of films or other works which includes audio and video, to show the copyrighted work to the people.
  5. In a scenario of audiotape, to accomplish the work which is copyrighted to the people by transferring through a digital sound.

The right to copy or produce “derivative” works belong to the copyright owner, except under the protection of the “fair use” exception.

In conclusion, if you are a content creator, copyright owner or a user who uploads content which includes content of other’s. It is important to always observe fair use. A person who uploads content on YouTube should know how to avoid copyright laws. Courts have decided that copyright owners must observe fair use before sending out a copyright takedown notice and understand the importance of both sides.

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