For user interconnections, extraordinary emojis are displayed next to the username. Various emojis specify different things. Yet, emojis next to your connections reflect friendship relations. However, what does the hourglass mean on Snapchat? The hourglass emoji reflect something valuable. Moreover, this emoji is like a timer emoji but for Snapchat, it is an hourglass and shows second to your friend’s usernames like other emojis. 

Snapchat always introduces secretive features for its users but the unique icons represent relationship status. If you are getting confused about the snap streak and hourglass emoji then read the article. Let’s get started to fulfill your curiosity. 

What is an hourglass on Snapchat?

Updating new features to get the attention of the users is common. Snapchat different emojis have different meanings. If the snap streak is about to end then the emoji of an hourglass on Snapchat comes up second to a friend’s name. The hourglass emoji means you and your friend have not received and sent the snaps and the hourglass acts as a reminder. 

In short, if you don’t exchange snaps with your friend for the past 24 hours, then this emoji appears. It simply means you should exchange snaps with your friends frequently.

For those people who want to know about what is a streak on Snapchat, snap streaks are the fire emoji. The fire emoji appear next to the hourglass emoji when two friends exchange the picture regularly otherwise you lose snap streaks. If you want to maintain the snap streak then try to exchange snaps within a limited time. 

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How do get streaks back? 

What do we do to get the streaks back? If your Snapchat hourglass glitch and you want to get your fire streak back then you should be regular on Snapchat. You should record the snaps and videos by using a camera and share them with your connections. Text messages and recorded voices don’t count to maintain streaks. You can also change your Snapchat Streak Emojis.

Besides the text messages and voice clips,  you cannot also maintain streaks through group chat, Snapchat stories, and memories. 

What happens if Snapchat’s hourglass does not go away? 

If your Snapchat hourglass does not go away then it means you have very little time to continue your streaks. Mainly you need to contact your friend within four hours to send and receive snaps. If your friend sends your snaps within 4 hours then your streaks will be safe. 

Otherwise due to errors or the responsibility of your friends the streaks disappear. After knowing what hourglass means on Snapchat, now it’s time to recover errors.

What will happen if some error occurs? 

If your streak doesn’t come back even with regular use then it means there are some errors. You will need to click on the “Snapchat support page” and choose the option “My snap streak has disappeared”. After this, you will need to fill in further important information to get back your disappeared streaks.

Wait for a few seconds for a notification. When you receive the notification message, open it and read further rules. Another reason for the error is to frequently send snaps to your friends but your friend doesn’t. In this situation, you should tell your friend to send you snaps. 

Why is it important to streak back the emoji?

Streaking back the emoji is a challenge. If you are challenged by love and want to increase your scores then it is really important to streak back the emoji. 

  • You should increase your score by streaking back. In this concern, you need to send videos and snaps to your friend. Voice recording and text messages do not work to streak back the emoji. Snapchat scores are shown on your profile page.
  • Streaks show your strong friendship relationship. To maintain a close relationship you should need to maintain the streak. If your streak is longer it means your relationship is stronger.

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What is snap chat 100 streak emoji?

The 100 icon is the sign of 100%. If you connect with your friend and you regularly share snaps and videos for hundred days after the completion of 100-day this emoji shows. Snapchat awards you 100 for regular use of this app. Can 100 icons remain after 100 days? The 100 icons are removed after 100 days and if you want to remain this icon then stop sharing the snaps for 101 days. 


Summing up, you come to know what the hourglass means on Snapchat. To maintain your score you should remove the Snapchat hourglass glitch. This article provides awareness about how to remove glitches and how to get back streaks. There are many reasons to maintain your scores. Obviously, various emojis show how strong your relationships are. 

Hopefully, the confusion between Snapchat streaks and hourglass emoji will be cleared. 

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