Organizing ideas in different manners is a natural aspect. Memorize the childhood days when we use highlighters to highlight important lines for a catchy look and high grading. Fortunately, google doc has a feature for color highlighting but how to highlight it in Google Docs? 

Basically, highlighted lines attract the readers or visual learners to get benefits from reading. Still, colored highlights make the text more attractive and elegant. So, let’s get started step by step.

How to highlight text on Google Docs

Do you want to highlight text on google docs? Important highlighted sentences don’t create a mess to go through from essential documents. For Google doc users, select the text and color it by following the below steps. 

  1. Open the Google doc from the Google Chrome
  2. After writing important content, choose the sentence to highlight
  3. Google Doc highlighter is located near the bold, italic, and underlined area and is like a brush
  4. Click on the brush and choose any color
  5. For those who want to use another color rather than appeared color then click on the plus(+)
  6. To select another color drag the bar and click on OK

Google Doc Highlighter tool by using add-ons

You can install the highlighter tool by using an add-on on Google Docs but how? On the top section after the tools, the Add-ons option shows. Follow the steps to use;

  1. Click on the “Add-ons” option and select “Get add-ons”
  2. The page opens and you can search by “Highlighter tools” by typing in the search bar
  3. Then choose the first option and go back to the Add-ons and select again
  4. When you go back then the selected tool is add-in the menu by the name of “Highlight tool”
  5. You can click on it and a subsection of the menu is open now
  6. Select the option “Start”
  7. Another menu is open on the right side and you should find out the option “Highlighter library”
  8. Click on Highlighter library
  9. A new window page is open and in the text bar of “Label”, create a label and choose the color
  10. To add a custom color you can click on the + option and set the colors
  11. Use these colors in sentences by using the above method.

The above methods work well for your question “How to highlight in Google Docs in computer Chrome but now you will be able to highlight in Androids.

How to highlight text on Android phone doc

Can I highlight the text on the Android phone doc? You can highlight the text but it is technical to use the Android phone. Hold your Android phone and follow the steps;

  1. Open the doc file in Android by downloading the Google Docs app
  2. You can see the edit checkmark at the bottom
  3. To highlight the text double-tap on it and select the sentence by dragging the option on both sides of the text
  4. Click on the A option shown at the top of the page
  5. Scroll the details that are shown on the lower side
  6. You can see the “Highlight color” option below the “Text color” 
  7. Choose the option and select the color that you want
  8. If you want to change the color then click on “None” and choose another color

What are the shortcut keys to select a sentence? 

Below are some shortcut keys to select a sentence;

  1. To shortcut highlight in Google doc press the mouse ctrl and click on the sentence then drag
  2. To choose the line for highlight press the shift+End 
  3. To select the text hold the Ctrl+Shift+Right arrow for forwarding selection and Ctrl+Shift+left arrow for backward select 

Final word

You are successful to know how to highlight in Google Docs. Now you can use the colors anytime and in every document to highlight important information. You can use the browser or Chrome for quick changes by opening the doc file. Before highlighting, the selection of sentences must be in need. You should use the shortcut keys for quick work. 

So, if you want to add more colors then take help to choose the custom option otherwise highlighter tool will be best.


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