Even if you think your iPhone’s name is secret, there are a few scenarios in which it might be disclosed. Using a Bluetooth device, such as a vehicle stereo, can display your iPhone’s name on display. AirDrop, iCloud backups, and when your phone is linked to a computer, may also display your name. but do you wonder how to change the iPhone name?

How to change iPhone name

You may have given your iPhone an incorrect name and now wish to alter it. You may be just looking to add a little something more to the mix. Regardless of why you want to alter your iPhone’s name, here’s how to change iPhone name:

  1. Open The Settings Menu

Open the iPhone’s settings page. To begin renaming your iPhone, head over to the Settings app. If you can’t locate this app on your home screen, you may try to use your phone’s search feature by swiping it down in the center of your screen. The settings app may be found by entering “Settings” into the search box.

  1. Go To General

The General tab may be found after clicking on Settings. After you open the Settings app on your iPhone, you should go to the “General” tab. Numerous options for customizing your phone may be found right here.

  1. Click the About

Go to the General menu and click on About on the Settings app. “About” is where you’ll find all the information you need. As you can see on the About page, your phone’s serial number is included. You may also change the iPhone’s name to something else on this page.

  1. Select “Name”

Once you’ve arrived at the About page, click on the Name link. So, how to change iPhone name? To change the name on iPhone, go to the About screen and click on the name.

5. You can rename your iPhone 

The Name tab is where you’ll be able to give your iPhone a new name. Changing the name of your iPhone is now possible after clicking on the Name tab. Tap “Done” to store your new iPhone’s name when you’re finished. And that’s all there is to it! You may easily change the name of your iPhone whether you want something more inconspicuous or particular.

How To Remove Other Apple IDs On Your iPhone?

If You Have Someone Else’s Apple ID Password

Then they pick All Devices, then their old iPhone, and finally Erase Phone to erase it. Asking them for their Apple ID password is another option if they trust you sufficiently. To remove them from your iPhone, you may do the following:

  1. Open the settings. At the very top of the screen, you’ll see your name (or the name of the former owner).
  1. Click Sign Out. To log in, you’ll need to enter your Apple ID password.

If You Don’t Have Someone Else’s Apple ID Password

Here’s how to change the iPhone name on an iPhone 7 or later if it isn’t already active. Owners of older iPhones can refer to our tutorial on resetting an iPhone.

  1. Open iTunes on your PC and connect with your iPhone.
  1. Press the down & power keys simultaneously for 10 seconds to perform a Force Restart.
  1. The Sleep/Wake button should be released.
  1. Ten seconds later, release the Volume Down button.
  1. A blank screen on your iPhone is what you want.
  1. If your computer detects an iPhone in recovery mode, a notification will appear on your screen stating such.
  1. Start the process of restoring your iPhone by clicking the “OK” button on this message.


If you’re going to name your phone, there are a few good reasons. There are other locations where your iPhone’s name is put to use, such as AirDrop, iCloud, your hotspot, and the Find My iPhone app. If you happen to contact the individual whose Apple ID you want to remove from your iPhone, the process is simple. If you are still thinking about how to change your iPhone name? There are several ways to change the name on your iPhone. We have tried to describe to you the best way to do it.

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