Pinterest has introduced a new Pinterest lens feature for shopping through the shop tab in Lens Camera Search. This new Pinterest Shop tab in the Lens offers the mobile marketer a way to display their products in Product Pins. When consumers are more willing to buy they’ll use this exciting feature. Pinterest allows people to shop for the products they find with Lens by clicking on the camera in the search bar and uploading or viewing the product in the feed based on it in the Shop tab. So in this article, we will discuss what this new Pinterest lens feature is? and how to use this new Pinterest lens feature for shopping purposes?

Pinterest’s new visual search tool’s

The Shopping tab appears above the shopping feed post of matching products stored on retailer websites for each ad. This new Pinterest feature is very useful as the search results show products that are also in stock.

Before introducing the Shop tab, Pinterest has introduced a number of shopping features. This is basically a visual search tool that uses image recognition technology to locate things with the smartphone’s camera.

How to use the new Pinterest Lens feature for Shopping

Pinterest new lens feature lets you shop through visual search

If you are worried about how to use Pinterest’s new feature for shopping purposes. Don’t worry it is very handy and simple to use. To use this latest Pinterest shopping feature, you need to click on the camera icon in the Pinterest search bar to take an image of whatever you want. You can also upload an existing image you have in your gallery on Pinterest in order to match products already available for sale in Product Pins. The product pin directly links to the online payment pages of the retailer’s website. This new Pinterest lens feature is very useful, as it will only bring the items in stock

This unique add-on depends on a tool, which brings Product Pins to feed based on searched items. It also complements the launch of the Pinterest app on Shopify. Which is planned to facilitate the sale of merchants that are on these social platforms.

Shopping analysis and how this new Pinterest lens feature will help to grow market

There are many different product categories which observe a distinguishable rise in searches in the past few months, during this Coronavirus Pandemic. As many nail salons remained closed during this lockdown. Searches for home beauty products has increased by 30% in April from February. Due to lock down the “grocery shopping list” rose almost twice which is the highest in history.

According to Pinterest, more than half of the items photographed with the Pinterest lens feature are fashion and home décor. It includes prints, artwork, shirts, shirts, dresses, shoes, jackets, vases, mirrors, carpets, plants, and pillows. Still, there are many who don’t know how to use Pinterest lens feature for shopping purposes.

According to research carried out by the analytics, about 83% of Pinterest users purchased products based on the brands they viewed on their platform. Pinterest Lens’s new shopping feature may help marketers guide Pinterest users on the way from product discovery to final sale in fewer steps.

So, you are now familiar with the new Pinterest lens feature and how to use Pinterest’s shop tab for shopping purposes. Share your queries and experience with us in the comment section below.


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