Instagram is gaining a lot of boom as now Instagram provides the ability to create new Messenger rooms and invite friends to join the video chat on Instagram or involve in conversation directly from the app. Now this question of yours how to make a group chat on Instagram? Is no longer a question, Thanks to the Instagram messenger rooms feature.

Facebook launched Messenger Rooms in April in order to counter the rapidly growing video conferencing service during this lockdown time. Facebook said at the time that Messenger will be integrated into Instagram. You can create a new messenger room, after this, you will be taken to Messenger. You can invite your friends and as many as 50 people can join this room, moreover, you can lock the room if you don’t want more people to enter the conversation. Now those people who are not on Facebook can also join this room, however, before this only Facebook and other messenger app users were enjoying this feature.
Instagram is the latest Facebook service to get support for the new Hangouts, and Messenger rooms.
According to Facebook, they were planning to bring Messenger rooms to Instagram and WhatsApp also. If we speak technically, using this feature users can start creating Messenger rooms on Instagram, but eventually, they have to go to Messenger to make the video call. To use this feature only the creator is required to have a Facebook account while other people can join this room using the shared link.

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How to make a group chat on Instagram

Now you can group video chat on Instagram using messenger rooms.

You can easily create a Messenger room on Instagram by following these easy steps.

  1. Tap on the arrow that appears in the top right of your Instagram account.
  2.  Now your dm page is opened. Tap on the video call icon that appears in the top right corner.
  3.  Select create room then create room as….
  4.  Now search your friends either by typing names or by swiping up and down.
  5.  You can choose up to 49 friends.
  6. Now click join the room to join the messenger room you created to do a video chat on Instagram.

This new video chat on Instagram feature is not encrypted like WhatsApp or Facetime video chat features. However, for casual video chats, this is a new feather in Instagram’s cap.

Now you have an idea of how to make a group chat on Instagram. This new Instagram feature is now available for Instagram only but according to Facebook, it will be able to video chat on WhatsApp with more than 8 people in the near future for sure.

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