The Internet has become an essential part of our lives now, this is substantial because people are directly dependent on the internet for their daily workings which primarily consist of working from home, or taking online classes for the past two years due to the pandemic. In an age where physical interactions are discouraged by governments and medical institutions likewise, due to the health hazard they carry. This question becomes very common how to increase your wifi coverage Area to get the most out of it?

In these situations, the only significant medium of communication that humanity had was the internet. This level of dependence on the internet gave it the status of an essential service like food and water, primarily due to its significance in carrying out important and sensitive tasks of bringing people closer, bridging communication gaps, allowing people to work from home, furnishing setups like online classes, and keeping businesses running through services like e-commerce.

Internet is a phenomenon of technology in itself, still in history, during the early days of the internet, it was connected through cables. These cables were connected to a device called a modem which was in turn connected to the main server situated at the ISP’s end through which the data packets were supplied to the end user’s device like a laptop or computer. There used to be a lot of lines, wiring, and cables that were demanded to connect to the internet.

Back in those days, the most common device that was connected to the internet were substantially desktop computers. These weren’t portable and were mostly placed on an office desk. That is why wired connections sounded presumptive and were ok back then. But technology and internet devices have come very far, they have become portable today. Now devices like smartphones can’t be connected to a cable and even if it does, the limited range of a cable will kill the whole purpose of having a portable communication device.

If you are experiencing problems with your internet the best option is to contact the customer service department of your service provider for better assistance. Service providers like Cox Communication have a 24/7 customer service channel that is available to assist customers at any time. Plus they have dedicated channels according to the language preference of a customer. An example of this is their Spanish customer service channel the name Cox en Español Servicio al Cliente. However, if your service provider isn’t helping much, continue reading this article for some fixes to your Wifi problems.

Origins and Working of Wifi

With progress in technology, more and more devices started requiring internet functionality. But since these devices were small they had no port where an Ethernet line can be plugged, for example, smartphones. Keeping in view the portability factor of devices like smartphones and laptops, a need originated to connect them to the internet wirelessly from which the concept of Wifi was established. Wifi is an acronym while the actual name of this technology is IEEE802.11.

In simple terms, Wifi is a technology that allows users to connect to the internet wirelessly. Still, there are certain underlying factors on how it works. Wifi works through a specialized device called the wireless router into which the Ethernet cable is plugged. The router then receives the data packets converts them into wireless signals and finally transmits them. While the device on the receiving end has a special receiver that catches those signals and equips the device with the necessary data.

Limitations of Wifi

Just like any other technology in this world Wifi by no means is perfect. And also has its fair share of failings as well. The most common problem with Wifi is that it is a Wireless technology and these types of connections aren’t as effective as compared wired ones in factors like speed and connection stability. But the most common problem associated with every Wifi user is not getting adequate quality signals, while in some cases, there are no signals at all. This can happen due to many reasons like interference with other electronic devices, obstructions in signal propagation, or generally a large house where Wi-Fi signals are unable to cover every spot. These spots are called grey spots where Wifi signals have trouble reaching.

Tips to Enhance Wifi Signals

However, we have an answer to how to increase your wifi coverage area with some quick fixes that might solve your Wifi signal problems. That’s why we’ve created a list of techniques that you can use to boost your Wifi signals.

Change the Location of the Router

This is quite an important tip that’s recommended by many but unfortunately ignored oftentimes. This is a fix that can save you a lot of money in comparison to other costly alternatives on this list. Changing the location of the Wifi router plays a vital role in getting adequate signals across the whole house. Generally, people tend to hide their routers just like wirings behind walls and in-circuit boxes. But in the case of routers, this significantly hampers their signal propagation ability as routers work best in an open environment, and whenever there is any obstruction in front of them it dampens the effectiveness of the signal, therefore, limiting the range and stability of the connection.

Wireless signals move in wavelengths and need an open area to travel easily. So it’s recommended to place routers in an open space and suggestively in the middle of the house for optimal connectivity.

Replace the Equipment

More often than not the actual fault lies in the equipment itself, when a Wifi router becomes damaged or is outdated its effectiveness to throw signals decreases due to which a user might face frequent connection loss.

Since all electronic devices work on harmonious power distribution. Their use over time may damage the electrical circuit of that device. Therefore, reducing the overall power and propagation of the signals. The same is the case with a Wifi router which is why it is recommended to invest in a better device that has a broader range. It can give you advanced speed and better connectivity options.

Invest in a Mesh Wifi System

This is an expensive option but can give you astonishing results. A mesh Wifi is the latest technology in routers in which there’s one main router that has extended beacons or sub routers. These sub routers are plugged into the electrical outlets around the house and in grey spots where the signals aren’t able to reach properly. These boosters catch the signals from the primary router and extend them to further locations thus creating a mesh network. Through this mesh network, every corner and grey spot gets proper signals with optimal internet speed.

Final Words

Not getting proper Wifi signals is a problem that’s faced by almost every internet user, still, nobody does anything substantial to fix it. But, if you don’t want to face such issues due to the sensitive nature of work that you do over the internet, and if you want to eliminate this question from your to-know list that how to increase your wifi coverage area. Then it is recommended that you try these above-mentioned techniques for a better internet experience.


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