now you can use Windows apps on chromebook
now you can use Windows apps on chromebook

Google is partnering with Parallels to bring Microsoft Office and other older Windows apps on Chromebook. Google recently announced its new partnership with parallels in a blog post looking for the future of Chrome OS for companies. Parallels Desktop will be integrated into Chrome OS, which will increase performance and provides offline access for windows apps on Chromebook.

While Chromebooks only started as networks and then added Android support a few years ago. Due to this new partnership, these apps will work by default on Chromebooks. This amazing step will open many ways in the near future. It means Chrome OS will be able to support Android and Windows apps in the future. Google is cooperating with Parallels Software Company to bring old Microsoft apps on Chromebook.

now you can use Windows apps on Chromebook

In 2019, Google added Linux support to their Chromebook, and now it will add Windows applications to the platforms that Chromebooks will support. Parallels, if you’re unfamiliar, is a popular virtualization program that brings Windows applications to mac OS, announced today that it will provide full feature Windows apps on Chromebook in partnership with Google. For now, The ability to run Windows apps on Chromebook Operating system will be for Enterprise users. Google doesn’t provide much detail about the Parallels partnership and about non-commercial users yet, but the company emphasizes providing more information regarding this in the near future.

“We have long said that almost any commercial role can be a cloud factor, and COVID-19 has raised this point dramatically. As a result, the system team is working to launch Chrome has new ways to ensure every company benefits from the speed created by supporting the cloud workforce. For example, our new partnership with Parallels brings support for legacy applications – including Microsoft Office desktop applications – to Chromebooks. “Said by John Solomon, Vice President of Chrome OS at Google.

Currently, we can’t comment on how Windows apps on Chromebook OS will look like. According to parallel, the partnership would “seamlessly add full-featured Windows apps, including Microsoft Office, to Chromebook Enterprise devices.”. However, when non-commercial users will be able to use windows apps on Chromebook is not clear yet. But we can say that this venture will provide a passage to that for the near future.

It will be interesting to see how this new partnership will work out and what the consumers will get. This is not the first time the tech giant like Google has tried to bring Microsoft apps on Chromebook. The company was reportedly working on a dual-mode Windows run on Pixelbook in early 2018.


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