MBA which is a short abbreviation of Master of Business Administration is one of the most prestigious and most dreamed courses of students. This gives scholars a deep understanding and knowledge of exercising resources completely and optimally by giving knowledge on how leadership is done and how they will manage the business world and mortal coffers in the world of business. 

 MBA is an important and successful career for students and this is the reason students start preparing for the entrance test of MBA while they’re in undergraduate courses. But you can do an MBA online from Sikkim Manipal University, smu mba online. SMU is a popular university for its quality education and for furnishing an MBA program that helps the requirements of scholars.

Let’s see why one pursuing an MBA course from Sikkim Manipal University is an excellent and wise choice.

  1. Diverse specialization: Sikkim Manipal University offers an MBA which is known for its specialization. This helps students to meet their interests with the specialization offered by Sikkim Manipal University in their MBA course.
  1. Finance: To gain in-depth knowledge of finance-related things like finance management, investment management, and risk reduction, a student should specialize in finance. It makes sure that the graduates fit best for the role of investment banking, finance analysis, and corporate finance.
  2. Marketing: A person who has an interest in knowing the procedure of how a product or service is marketed, how the behavior of demand and supply is used, how to market the brand and its item, promotion techniques, and many more. Then, it is one of the best fields to specialize in. 
  3. Human resource management: Humans are the most valuable resource because humans are the only ones who are going to use other resources. Hence, it is necessary to focus on team organization, engagement by employees, and motivating employees to feel at home, etc. For the future role of managing human resources, students are taught in this field.
  4. Information system: With the onset of digitalization, specialization in information systems has gained popularity. It helps the student to master the skills in IT projects, information system development, etc.
  5. Healthcare services: Students are made a specialization in this field for leading in hospitals, healthcare consulting firms, etc. 
  1. Dual specialization: Dual specialization is one of the best things that Sikkim Manipal University provides. A student can select two specializations and can specialize in two courses at one time. This enhances a student’s career as he/she is opting for two specialized fields and knowing about both. 

For example, a student is pursuing a specialization in marketing and also in finance. This broadens the knowledge of students not only related to marketing but also related to finance.

  1. Experienced faculties and quality education: If the faculty is not experienced and optimum then there will be no use in doing courses because in the end they will be teaching you and Sikkim Manipal University is proud of its experienced and knowledgeable faculty and professors.

Sikkim Manipal University focuses on the combination of theoretical and practical knowledge of the real world so that students get a mix of education. The curriculum is designed in such a way that neither focuses more on theoretical aspects than practical ones. It maintains a balance. 

  1. Internships: Sikkim Manipal University emphasizes more on internships and exposure to it. Students are motivated to do internships with well-established organizations and companies. These allow students to know the real world which they are taught in theoretical lectures. It provides hands-on job experience and also leads to job offers.

Internship gives them a sort of experience to solve problems and improve the skills of students.

  1. Industry-relevant projects: SMU encourages and motivates students to do industry-related projects with internships. This includes solving real business problems arising in industry and these projects are done by collaborating with companies. These projects are very valuable for the students to get the practical aspects of knowledge and master their decision-making skill and analytical skills. 

Moreover, doing these projects helps to build their portfolios of real-world accomplishments.

  1. Networking opportunities: Sikkim Manipal University gives an opportunity to the student to network with the faculty, alumni, and members of the university. Building a network with like-minded people is essential for career growth. It also helps in various ways like job placements, mentorship, etc.

Alumni of Sikkim Manipal University are diversified in different fields and are so helpful that they provide guidance and mentorship to the current students pursuing an MBA. Many events and seminars are organized for this purpose.

  1. International collaboration: This is most beneficial for students joining Sikkim Manipur University because it collaborates with international universities. This university aims to collaborate with other universities to benefit students with a global perspective. 

For example, SMU has collaborated with UK universities. This allows students to get degrees from both institutions and gain education with international recognition.

  1. Placement: This is the reason why Sikkim Manipal University takes the edge over others. It offers excellent placement because of its connection with companies and organizations within India and abroad. This makes students get high placements in the best companies and excel in their jobs. Sikkim Manipal University helps a student with career guidance and also assists in making a wise decision.

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Deciding to pursue an MBA course from Sikkim Manipal University is the best decision one can. With its dual specialization feature and experienced faculty members, one can learn many more things except theoretical aspects. It is an institution that also organizes career sessions and events by which students can have a better understanding and the manipal university online mba fees is quite affordable . Hence, it not only makes students gain theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge.

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