Students have to craft a stellar UPenn supplemental essay if they want to enrol themselves into any school of their choice at the University of Pennsylvania. The most popular choices generally include the following: 

  • The College of Arts and Sciences explores the creativity of students of liberal arts and depth in them. 
  • Penn Engineering prepares students to become tech leaders. 
  • Penn School of Nursing aims to meet the health needs of society. 
  • The Wharton School prepares students to apply economic theory and business models to real-world problems. 

Students feel frustrated when they have to craft such essays to make sure that they will be successful in securing admission to the university of their choice. To assist them, we have mentioned the expert tips and guidelines in this article. 

Before we move to the instructions, let us first define what a UPenn supplemental essay is and why it is important. 

What is UPenn Supplemental Essay?

UPenn stands for the University of Pennsylvania. The UPenn supplemental essays are the best opportunity for the University of Pennsylvania to know you better. These essay prompts are designed in a way to help the readers understand your goals and the reasons for your interest in UPenn. It is always important to research your essay topic well enough before you start writing on the topic assigned to you. 

How Do You Write UPenn Supplemental Essays?

Per a report by College Transitions, the University of Pennsylvania used to accept 40% of applicants in the 1980s, but now the figure has dropped to 7.4%. Today, the application process has become hyper-competitive for students. 

In order to distinguish and separate themselves from thousands of accomplished students, the applicants have to perform exceptionally well. Since they may be fresh out of high school and new to this domain, it is always helpful to rely on a professional essay writer online to craft a custom essay for your needs.

The top strategies to craft a top-class UPenn supplemental essay are the following: 

1. Know Your Best Prompt

When you have been provided with the prompt choices for your work, it becomes easier to pick one that resonates with your personality. Choose the essay title that you find interesting and put your heart and soul into crafting an essay that wows the examiners. Your essay topic should be captivating for the reader – make it appealing for them, and they should want to know more. 

2. Provide Context to Readers

Your UPenn supplemental essay structure must be defined and clear to readers, and they should also know the context of your work. Provide them with enough background of your story so they know why you did something you did. Keep the story focused on one thing at a time. 

3. Show the Growth

The admission officers and readers shall be interested to know more about the progress you have gone through and the way you have groomed yourself. Make sure that you keep them curious about how you transformed yourself and show your progress in a linear way. 

4. Be Specific

When you are working on your UPenn supplemental essay, you should be specific about the details that you are providing to readers. Do not be vague and do not confuse them. Communicate your unique voice to your audience in a clear and direct manner. 

5. Read It Aloud

Once you have finished writing your essay, do not forget to read it aloud in front of your mirror or friends or family. It helps you be sure about the theme of your essay and also assists you in identifying the mistakes that you may committed in your work. Tell a good story to readers, and they shall be engaged and interested in knowing more about your work. 

6. Proofread and Edit

The last thing to do with your UPenn supplemental essay is to proofread and edit it completely. Check if there are any mistakes that might have escaped your notice in the first revision session. Make sure that your content relates to the theme of the title you have selected for your essay. 

UPenn Supplemental Essay Topics for 2024

  • Write a short thank you note to someone that you are grateful to but have yet to thank. We highly encourage you to share this note (that you have crafted) with the person if possible and reflect on the experience.
  • What are your plans to examine and explore the community at Penn? How do you think Penn can help you shape your perspectives and how can Penn benefit from your experience? (150-200 words).

UPenn Supplemental Essay Example

The UPenn supplemental essay ideas may also vary with the discipline you want to get admission into. For example, if you are into nursing and health care, you will definitely not be asked to write an essay on the topic for the College of Arts. Some of the ideas to consider for reviewing the examples of essays for UPenn are the following: 

  • Describe your fear for yourself when you see the stories of the pain of women being dismissed by people around them. 
  • Have you ever shared your gratitude or a sorry note with the person you wanted to express your sentiments? Did it feel therapeutic? 


The bottom line is that you should follow these writing guidelines when you are crafting your UPenn supplemental essay. Be yourself in your essay, and you will make it unique for the readers. Since uniqueness appeals to the minds of admission officers, your essay will be ranked high when you express yourself freely, and you shall land at UPenn. 

It is always a daunting task to craft an essay for the university that you want to apply to because you are unsure if it will be accepted or not. To increase the chances of your success in this regard, you should get UPenn supplemental essay help from professional essay writers. The experts shall write a personalised essay based on your preferences, and your chances to secure admission to your dream university shall be maximised.

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