In the fast-paced world of technology, social media platforms are the new norm for people to connect with and be socialized. Knowing this, businesses and marketers are starting to utilize these platforms for their advertising progress. Besides, TikTok also offers opportunities for marketers and influencers. 

TikTok Live is one such feature that outnumbers all other features when it comes to brand exposure. Through this, marketers can actively cover up a lot of content which draws more followers to their profile page. Moreover, marketers prefer to buy tiktok likes for driving more followers and strengthening their community right away. 

In this article, you will walk through the deep details of how to make use of this feature effectively for your marketing. Find out more below!

What is TikTok Live? 

TikTok Live is one of the exciting features released by the platform. It allows the users to stream live broadcasts and interact with their followers. Brands see this as the greatest opportunity to get to know their target audience. Moreover, you can also use filters and effects as you use for normal videos. 

Similarly, there is no definite time limit for Live, and it streams in real time. However, there are certain limitations on who can use the Live stream option. To make it more encouraging, you can also monetize your account if any of your followers send you virtual gifts. 

Exclusive Features for TikTok Live Stream

In this section, you will learn about some exciting features exclusively released for the Live Stream. Let’s get started!

i) Live Q&A Feature

The live Q&A feature allows the viewers to ask questions and interact with the host in real time. It is one of the best ways for the brand to watch and know about its target audience closely. The best Q&A feels more like a conversation between friends than a broadcast. Also, it will be helpful for the creators whose niche area doesn’t cover much of the lifestyle. 

ii) Picture-in-Picture Feature

This is one of the most remarkable features ever introduced by TikTok. In this, you can do your other work while watching Live on your device. Also, it is more convenient and accessible for the users. Furthermore, the PIP mode of Live streaming makes it more captivating for the users on the platform. 

iii) Go Live Together

This feature allows the users to collaborate with another creator and host a live stream. It can be the best choice for brands and marketers to team up with the influencer and carry out promotional activities. Also, going on Live with an influencer will actively expand your reach and get recognition for your brand. Alongside this, you can try out Trollishly, which will drive more likes and engagement for your Live Stream shortly. 

iv) Assigned Moderators

Basically, this feature prioritizes the enhancement of the creator’s experience. It allows users to assign moderators during the live video session. The moderators assigned have the permit to watch the comment section. They can even mute or block some viewers if any need arises. Through this, the act of cyberbullying can be limited.

v) Comment Filters

The feature of the comment filter aligns with the moderator feature. With this feature’s help, creators can filter several keywords that will not be shown on the comment. It includes keywords like swear words, slurs, nicknames, inappropriate words, spam or abusive words, and much more. 

vi) Live Events

The live events allow the creators to schedule and promote their live streams. Adding to this, the main advantage of this feature is that it helps to stimulate the join numbers for the live events. By using this, you can make your audience aware of the timing prior and make their presence on time. 

Tips and Tricks to Create Better Engagement

By now, you have come to the conclusion that Live can be the better option for your effective marketing. Here are some tips to enhance your experience. 

#1 Enhance Your Interaction With the Audience

As said before, the whole concept of TikTok live is to create better engagement with your followers. So take this as a great chance and have lively interactions with your audience. Respond to their queries politely and thank them for their active participation. In this way, you can capture more audiences and build a healthy relationships with them. You can also put forth your product features and demonstration as a marketer. 

#2 Give Them a Look into Your Process

Usually, people seek this as a place for interaction and engagement. Instead, you can use this platform to showcase your behind-the-scenes process for a change. When your audience sees the process of work, it will eventually create belief and trust in your audience. In case you are running out of a concept or theme, you can take them on a tour around your store. To make it more effective, you can try out Trollishly, increasing your online presence and providing organic growth for your profile.

#3 Choose a Specific Topic for Your Live

If you aim to keep the audience engaged, a healthy discussion around a specific topic will be good. Choose a topic related to your niche and educate your audience to live. Then, you can add a commentary or involve your viewers in the discussion. Undoubtedly, this will work best for creating get them engagement and tune them. 

#4 Select the Right Time 

Going live and going live on peak time are entirely different things you need to notice. If you are going on the Live while everyone else is sleeping, then it won’t work. So know when your audience will be active and Stream in that time. This will let you have your expected engagement for your Live Stream. For this, you can also use TikTok analytics to get to know your audience’s active time. 

The Bottom Line

In short, TikTok Live is an excellent feature that can be highly beneficial for marketer to showcase their products. If you make use of the feature in the right, it will surely reward you with excellent results. So get to know about the feature inside and out by experiencing it by yourself. If not now, then never! Are you now ready for your Live Stream? 

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