Hello, my name is Prayag, and I am a software developer based in Tamil Nadu. I recently shifted to Bangalore and did not want to rent any property as I had recently gotten married and saved up to go to Bangalore permanently. I had no idea how important it was to have a lawyer on board when purchasing a house. To address your question, ‘Do I need property legal tech to buy a house?’ The answer is yes! While not always necessary, having a legal professional on board during home-buying can be beneficial. Here is my detailed NoBroker legal services review. It is essential to seek legal assistance before buying any property. If you engage a lawyer to buy a house, they will defend your rights. They will understand the laws and regulations governing real estate purchases in your state and ensure that your interests are protected. They can also assist with any issues or disagreements that arise. NoBroker is one of the most trusted property legal services in this aspect.

How Will NoBroker’s Legal Experts Help You?

Here are some things to review with your legal team while purchasing a property in Bangalore. You can also go through the NoBroker customer reviews section for more opinions.

Clear and Convenient Ownership

The essential condition for the acquisition is determining whether the property seller has clear and convenient ownership rights. An individual cannot substitute the best title that he enjoys. The mother deed must confirm these details, and the title chain will cease with the present seller. 

Title and Records of Rights

Based on the information in the mother deed, these titles must be searched in the official records of government offices or bodies, such as the general index in the office of the local enrolment office, municipal committee, land revenue department, land reform department, and so on, to ensure that the current dealer is the actual holder and has the authority to transfer the property’s ownership rights to the purchaser. This is a very critical step of the process. I am so glad I decided to go with NoBroker, one of the few reliable property legal services in Bangalore.

Any Red Flags

First, it must be established that the subject property is free of hindrances and security charges and does not infringe on the vendor’s loan. The charged or impeded property cannot be purchased unless the charges against it are withdrawn. This is because the property owner of the charged property cannot be transferred.

Requisition and Acquisition

It should be confirmed first by several government departments, such as the Improvement Trust, Land Revenue Office, Land Acquisition Office, Land Reforms, and so on, to ensure that the subject property is not under acquisition or requisition. Transferring ownership of such requisitioned property is impossible, and such properties are subject to various forms of litigation.

Power of Attorney

Several real creators may have expanded the subject property through power of attorney, and the numerous land plants are related to other land owners. These types of incidents are very common nowadays. OR the estate may have been/is being marketed by the dealer in a fiduciary capacity under a power of attorney during auction exchange trials.

Preparation of the Documents

During the relevant registration period, as specified in the sales agreement contract and with the mutual acceptance of all parties concerned, a draft of the final conveyance deed is prepared to authorise all parties engaged in the transaction. It must be surveyed and approved by the attorneys representing both groups.

Following the final registration of the conveyance deeds and receipt of the actual deed from the registration office, the purchaser becomes the property’s landlord.

Why Choose NoBroker Legal Service?

While buying a property, you must consider a variety of factors. Various documents and proof of property are necessary. An agent or broker cannot create all of this paperwork. As a result, hiring an experienced property lawyer is essential for obtaining all property paperwork quickly. Various such matters are only addressed by a professional legal team. Hence, I am writing a long, detailed NoBroker legal services review. 

As a result, if you want to acquire a property or a home for yourself, it is best to employ an experienced property lawyer. Also, the team at NoBroker.in understands what types of problems can cause concern, so they aim to dismiss them as soon as feasible. 

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