Putting on a corporate do is one of the best ways to say ‘thank you’ to your workers and your most valued customers, however, it is not always easy to get it right. This is an event that will take careful planning as you will want everything—including the date—to be perfect. Getting anything wrong or not quite right could reflect badly on your business in the eyes of your customers and negatively on you as a boss in the eyes of your employees. 

However, there are some areas that if chosen correctly can make any small mistakes or obstacles pale into insignificance, as highlighted in the following article.                                    

1. Choose the right venue and caterers

The venue is one such area that needs careful considerartion. Hiring a local social club, for instance, could have you coming across as someone wanting to save money or having your guests feel that they are not deemed worthy of a more salubrious venue. On the other hand, paying for a top venue will have everyone feeling treated and of value.

It is not just about the venue though; the caterers can also help you show that you have pulled out all the stops. For instance, culinary chef catering can provide you with tasty dishes that not only feed the stomach but also the eyes as well. This can make a bold statement to your guests while also encouraging conversation about the courses served and will ensure that the event is remembered for all the right reasons. 

2. Make it a fun evening to remember

Although the venue, the meal plan, and the caterers will be the highlight of the evening, you will have to also organize other entertainment to make the event a fun evening to remember. Hiring comedians to make your guests laugh could be a good idea, but you will have to ensure that the humor appeals to everyone—after all, you do not want to upset or offend any of your loyal customers. 

With that in mind, it may be far wiser to stick to having a band perform live or hire the services of a local DJ to provide music to dance to after any speeches or awards are presented. This gives everyone the opportunity to either get up and dance or sit back and relax while enjoying the music and the spectacle that others are creating.

3. Provide keepsakes and goodie bags

As you will want to thank your guests for making the effort to join you at your event and for making it special for everyone, you should also think about providing them with a goodie bag at their departure. This could be a keepsake of the evening, but you may find it more prudent to include custom swag items for your customers along with free samples to encourage new orders. When it comes to your employees, a gesture that says ‘thank you’ for all your hard work would be more appropriate. This could be a selection of sweet treats and a discount voucher for a local store or eatery which they can use at their leisure.

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