Speed gates and turnstiles are efficient physical security door access solutions that provide secure entry with features such as card readers, biometric access, and RFID technology. These systems can open automatically, enhance security, and reduce costs for your organization. Speed gates with tailgating prevention systems offer a streamlined entry process. Explore the benefits and features of turnstiles and speed gates here.

Features of Speed Gates and Turnstiles

Speed gates and turnstiles offer a range of features and advantages, including security, increased efficiency, reduced costs, easy installation, and automatic verification.

Increased Security

The speed gate system enhances security levels by automatically identifying individuals, thus preventing tailgating. This advanced technology can improve access control and safety measures.

Reduce Cost and Increase Operational Efficiency

Turnstiles integrated with RFID cards and biometric technology can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and provide fast verification and identification. It can pre-register visitors for enhanced security.

Easy to install and operate.

Turnstiles are easy to integrate with any software, making them ideal for time attendance and high-security applications. They provide fast entry and movement for enhanced security and efficiency.

Easy to implement Role Based Access

Speed gates and turnstiles come in various sizes, shapes, sleek designs, and high-quality materials, providing role-based access control for enhanced security.

Notify unauthorised access attempts.

Automate your gym or club’s access control system with turnstiles that trigger a fire alarm upon unauthorized access attempts. We can set up different alarms for different scenarios and implement membership auto-expiry for streamlined operations.


TACS LLC is a trusted leader in turnstile access control solutions, specializing in speed gates and turnstiles for implementing automatic security measures. Find out more about our innovative products and services.

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