If you’re overseeing your own business or operating within a larger company, effective communication and collaboration are vital. Luckily, you don’t need to spend on pricey solutions like Office 365 or SharePoint, as the Microsoft Teams app provides a free alternative.

With the free version of Microsoft Teams app, you gain access to unlimited chats, audio and video calls, and 10GB of file storage for your entire team, along with 2GB of personal storage for each user. 

Additionally, Microsoft Teams Apps seamlessly integrate with all online Office apps and over 140 other business applications.

You can also expand your network by adding up to 299 contacts, whether they’re within or outside your organization.

In this blog I will take you through some of the best practices tailored to enhance the utilization of the Microsoft Teams app within this context.

Here are some effective ways to organize and manage your business using Microsoft Teams (free). We’ve compiled some tips to help you utilize Teams more efficiently:

1. Efficient Group Organization:

Dividing your business into smaller groups enhances collaboration. Group chats can be tailored to specific teams, such as sales, to streamline lead management and internal communication. Additionally, creating a single large group facilitates company-wide announcements and updates.

2. Pinning Groups and Chats:

Ensure essential chats remain readily available by pinning them to the top of your chat list. This guarantees you never misplace critical conversations and enables swift access to frequently utilized groups and chats.

3. Enhancing Chat Functionality:

Utilize various features within chat to optimize workplace communication. Use @mentions to direct messages to specific colleagues, ensuring they receive timely notifications. You can also employ multiple @mentions within a single message to grab the attention of multiple team members simultaneously.

4. Message Styling:

Customize your messages to add emphasis or convey important announcements effectively. Take advantage of built-in formatting options in Teams by selecting the “Format” button below the compose box. This feature allows you to stylize your messages for clarity and impact.

Inside your chat message, you have the ability to perform various tasks, including creating headings, color-coding highlights, and even generating entire tables.

Arrange Regular Meetings

If you regularly convene with the same individuals or teams, scheduling recurring meetings proves advantageous. When setting up a new meeting, you can opt to have it repeat daily, weekly, or customize the recurrence to align with your specific requirements.

A valuable aspect of recurring meetings is that they maintain the same meeting chat across all instances. This ensures continuity, allowing you to reference past notes and chat messages from earlier occurrences of the meeting.

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