Finding the Free VPN download link for premium VPN apps is very challenging for proxy users. Most of these cracked VPN apps don’t work for a long time as the developers keep updating the feature to fix bugs. So, people usually search for some FREE VPN app that is supported on all devices. Keeping that in mind we have highlighted some of the features that users should always stare briefly before choosing any free VPN download app irrespective of the devices.

Free VPN Download for Every Device

Most of the time people use different free VPN apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android devices, Routers, and others. The most demanded feature that a free VPN app must have should be as follows:

  1. No Registration:

Majorly users don’t trust the free VPN app and hesitate to share their email ID and personal details. Therefore, starting up without any registration can be an advantage if you download Free VPN proxy by Planet VPN app. It doesn’t need any personal details to sign up and start accessing the feature. 

  1. No Usage Limitations:

Most Free VPN download links of premium apps come without any limitation but work only till their bugs are fixed. The same thing doesn’t apply to apps like Planet VPN. Users do not have to worry about traffic, speed limits and log policy. They could remain connected to the desired VPN provider as long as they want to access private browsing from the provided location.

  1. Major Worldwide Connect:

Planet VPN offers browsing experience from 5 major countries that open browsing experience from any part of the world. Users can easily access any URL which is restricted to access in their country. The limitation of unlocking the connection with other countries can be availed on premium versions only. So, users who want to enjoy private browsing experience from the provided free countries can take advantage by clicking on the Free VPN download link pasted on this post.

  1. 256-Bit Encryption:

It’s very hard to find any free VPN app that offers a 256-bit encryption feature free for lifetime. But you are lucky to find a perfect VPN app that takes care of your privacy. Planet VPN works on 256-encryption technology and keeps privacy protected using IKEv2 protocol. Users can browse any content without the IP getting tracked by the providers. The browsing is totally safe and in favor of the users.

  1. Lifetime FREE Access:

Free VPN offering apps should be lifetime free, that’s what everyone needs. Here the expectations come to reality after downloading the planet VPN app. Yes, it’s true that it offers 100% free access for connecting to major locations like the USA, UK, Germany, France, and Netherlands. The blocked content on these countries can be accessed after using the Free VPN download app by Planet VPN. It opens the opportunity to browse any adult website without getting tracked and letting anyone know about the original IP address.

  1. Fastest Browsing Experience:

The super VPN feature of Planet VPN is very fast. It doesn’t mean that the free VPN features are very slow and need only signup for faster speed. Free users too can experience the browsing experience and can register only if they find the need to add extra features speed while browsing. These features are usually accompanied by those users who stream live gaming or live videos. It will help them not to get tracked by the attackers and give a safe streaming experience. Somehow, normal users can access the speed without creating an account.

  1. One Account on All Devices:

Remembering account username and password for different devices like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android devices, Routers etc. is a tough job. But, after Free VPN download all these worries will no longer come across. Accounts of the same router will be automatically detected or don’t need multiple accounts in accessing VPN through different devices. 


1. Is there a 100% free VPN?

Yes, Planet VPN is absolutely free VPN app. But people get into the trap of top results while searching and end up downloading VPN apps with limited features. So, it’s better to explore the features of Plant VPN app rather than taking short tries on other different apps. 

2. What is a good free VPN to use?

A good free VPN app offers no usage and limitation of browsing. It must connect to VPN servers within seconds without any registration. It must provide single credentials to access browsing experience in different devices.

3. Are FREE VPNs safe?

FREE VPNs which are protected by 256-bit encryption are completely safe to use. This encryption is difficult to decode for attackers and hackers. Even the VPN providers too cannot know about the browsing history of their users.

4. Can the police track a VPN?

VPNs are meant to provide a safe and private browsing experience to their customers. The VPN too claims to provide 256-bit encryption. Therefore, even police officials can’t track a VPN until they find any bug from the VPN servers.

5. Can VPN hide my location?

VPN hides your location by mimicking a fake location by connecting to the IP of a different country. It all depends on the users which IP they want to reflect while browsing. This IP also alters the location which is difficult to track in comparison to normal browsing on the web.

Final Words:

Users searching for Free VPN download apps sometimes end up finding the wrong VPN app that has limitations of usage. But, in this post we have brought you the most appropriate app that offers more premium features in their free versions. It usually takes a lot of time to research and find such an app. Users must try and take advantage of Planet VPN to end their struggle searching for other free VPN apps.

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