At a repair shop, one has to go through a lot of stuff, along with managing all the ongoing procedures. This can include repair job tracking, employee engagement, customer communication, and several other processes. To do all this, one cannot just rely on manual methods, such as paperwork and carbon copies.

To help you with all this, maintenance ticketing software can be extremely useful. Repair shop owners use it to simplify communication and avoid any possible human errors. Below, you will learn how to conquer ticket management challenges this year to take your business to another level of success.

1. Time Saving

Managing time is one of the biggest challenges repair shop owners have to go through. Why? Along with fixing a device or gadget, they have to keep an eye on several other things. Moreover, they don’t use an automation tool, and if they do, it does not give them real-time information.

This makes using software for repair shop mandatory. The system can seamlessly generate tickets against all the repair orders that you receive at the shop. Additionally, you can allow it to create special orders. This way, it will be more convenient for the customers to buy accessories of their choice.

2.     Repair Job Tracking

Again, this is something that annoys repair shop owners and technicians the most. This is a fact that these days, no one has spare time. If someone’s smartphone malfunctions, they visit a repair shop but want them to repair it as soon as possible. This is not it; they keep on calling to ask how much time is left. When can I pick up my device? What is the cost of repairing? Etc.

Sometimes, this can get on your nerves as well. However, with the help of maintenance ticketing software, you don’t have to hassle a lot. Whenever a phone user visits your shop, you can create a ticket against their device. And every time they ask for the status, you can do so by tracking it.

Moreover, the software has a feature that can notify the customer whenever their gadget is fixed. This way, they don’t have to pay you an extra visit, saving time and enhancing efficiency.

3.     Marketing

Growing a business can be a real challenge for those who do not have any software or automation tools for that. By following some of the best marketing practices, you can surely grow your repair shop, boosting its customer base.

Additionally, you can use software for repair shop as it can let your customers know what services and accessories you offer through promotional emails, and SMS messages.

So, if you are not willing to spend thousands of bucks on marketing but looking to advertise your business, this is the best option. It will make your customers revisit and purchase from your store.

4.      Reporting

Business reporting is essential for the growth of your lab and for managing tickets at your shop. However, a number of store owners do not have any insights regarding streamlining this process. And thus, they abstain from using any POS software at the shop.

But now, the time has come to beat and conquer all the challenges related to your business. Using ticketing software, one can get all the insights about their business performance through reporting features. Also, it can let you know to what extent your repair lab can grow in the coming months and years.

5.     Private Notes

You may have come across the challenge of conveying the clients’ queries or concerns directly to the repair technicians. So, having a feature of sending private notes can be very helpful. Using this feature, a customer can directly convey their message to the technician. Also, it is not always possible for the front desk employee to do that.

This way, you can surely serve your clients better and improve communication within the repair shop. Not only this, but you can build their trust in your business, and they will surely recommend your shop to their friends and family members.

6.     Special Parts Ordering 

At a repair shop, there are a number of customers who visit to get their old cell phones or computers fixed. For instance, there is an X or Y client who still uses iPhone 5s, Samsung S3, and HP laptop i5 designed in 2012. And not every shop owner has these parts in the inventory.

However, using a ticket management system, you can make an additional widget where you can include all the parts. For instance, you can have the vital parts of the computers and cell phones that have long been discontinued. Whenever a potential customer comes in, you can serve them in the best possible way.

Final Words 

Having an efficient ticket management system has become mandatory for your repair shop. As it can significantly enhance all the ongoing processes, you must look for decent, compatible, yet affordable software. We hope that, in 2024, you will be able to conquer all your repair ticket challenges and boost your business. 

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