Have you always wanted to work from home instead of having to get up, put on business clothes, and battle traffic in a commute to work, only to have to battle even more traffic on the way home?

It’s exhausting going to work in an office, and if you’ve been thinking about working from home, you’re on the right track. If office life isn’t for you, working from home will be a game changer. You’ll still need to have discipline to meet your deadlines, but you’ll have far more freedom than you would in an office. However, it’s not enough to simply take your current job home. The ideal work from home solution is to run your own business.

If you haven’t yet pursued this option, here are some of the best reasons to start making your dream a reality.

1. More income potential

If you continue to work for an hourly wage, you’ll always be dependent on someone else to give you raises. Consider the last time you received a raise. It probably wasn’t that big of a deal. At best, raises for hourly employees generate a couple hundred dollars extra each month before taxes. Usually, it’s not even that much. You’re never going to be able to afford the things you really want on that kind of salary. If you want things like a new bed, a nice car, or an outdoor kitchen, you need to be in control of your income.

When you work from home running your own business, you are in charge of your salary. That can be scary, but it can also be rewarding. It’s guaranteed that your employer is reselling your work for higher prices and making a profit that you can keep for yourself.

If you freelance in your area of expertise, you can charge clients full price for your services. This can make a huge difference. For example, say you’re a website developer and your employer pays you $50 per hour. You can charge $100, $200, or even $300 per hour for your services if you work on projects that command premium prices.

2. More freedom

There is so much to be said for having the freedom to set your own schedule and work on your own terms. You’ll feel more awake, alive, and refreshed. You’ll also get more done and be more effective at solving problems.

Employers want you to show up early in the morning and grind out work until the early evening and repeat that every day for the rest of the week. This traditional 9-5 office structure doesn’t work for everyone, but it hasn’t changed in decades and probably never will. In fact, it’s not even effective. Studies have shown that in a full eight-hour workday, most employees are only productive for around three hours.

When confined to this structure, you don’t have the freedom to take breaks or even naps when needed. When you’re on the clock, you have to force yourself to be productive in an unnatural way. However, people who regularly take naps and extra breaks are actually more productive than those who tough it out sitting at their desks all day.

3. More enjoyment

It’s hard to find people who truly love their desk jobs, and if you fall into the category of someone who does not enjoy their work, that’s a good sign that it’s time to get into a different line of work. In terms of options, the sky’s the limit when you build a home-based business.

You can start any type of business you want and make it something you enjoy doing. Whether it’s thrifting competitively, monetizing a blog, or getting some kind of professional license, getting out of the office and working from home doing what you love will bring more enjoyment into your life.

4. You have a solution

Another great reason to start your own business is if you have a solution to a problem that will help a lot of people. That’s how many of the world’s businesses have been created.

If you have a good solution to a problem or you can build something better than what’s currently out there, that’s an amazing reason to start a home-based business.

Starting a home business is worth the effort

It takes time and effort to build a home-based business, but it’s worth doing if you’re not happy working in an office. If you don’t absolutely love your job or your current employer won’t let you work at home, then start looking for ways to build your own business. 

You’ll be happier and have more freedom this way.

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