How to Use Telegram without phone number [Solved]

If you are a telegram fan then you cannot imagine your life without checking updates and scrolling down your feed. Telegram is known for its highest end-to-end encryption, invulnerable to cyber-hijackers and surveillance, which ensures your communications remain safe from hackers and surveillance, Telegram LLC. With Telegram, users can anonymously send messages, video streams, audio files, and other content around the world on iOS and Android. Millions of its users around the world use it every day. It recently released the new Telegram X, which is an improved version of its previous app. If for any reason you want to create multiple accounts on telegram, unfortunately, you can’t get access to multiple accounts with the same phone number. As there is a somewhat stark security vulnerability in Telegram. If you want to create an account on Telegram, you must have to provide a phone number in order to verify your Telegram account. As you will need to confirm a special code sent to your given number as a message or a phone call to verify your account so you can’t register your account using any fake number.

If you are wondering that Telegram will use your number for any other purpose, so the answer is no. Telegram does not use your provided number for any other thing after you have successfully registered. But still, there are some privacy-conscious peoples who don’t want to expose their number for any means, or we can assume that for this very reason they want to create Telegram Account without using phone numbers. Also, there are some peoples who want to operate multiple accounts but don’t have any other number. Fortunately, we can easily override this requirement, as there are some tricks to bypass this requirement and to create a Telegram account without a phone number. So, in this article, you will find how to use Telegram without a phone number.

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How to use telegram with Virtual Phone numbers:

There are multiple services and apps that offer you the number to exchange calls and messages. But the only disadvantage of having these numbers is if you are not using these numbers actively they will fetch it back and give this number to another person.

  1. Textnow
  2. Google voice
  3. Burner
  4. Text free
  5. Textplus

1. TextNow: Use Telegram without your Phone number

TextNow is a free texting and calling app from which you can easily acquire the second number to make your Telegram account. If you want this phone number permanently then you have to pay its premium price. However, as long as you are actively using this number nobody is going to take it away from you.

Follow these steps to know how to use telegram without a Phone number from Textnow.

  • Install TextNow from the Google Play Store if on Android or the iOS App Store.
  • After downloading and installing, now select your free virtual phone number.
  • The app will ask your area code in order to create 5 different numbers to select one from it.
  • Simply choose a number from here of your choice to complete the setup.
  • Now, navigate and start the Telegram app on your phone.
  • Then tap Settings> Your Profile Details> Add Account.
  • Now, enter your free TextNow phone number which you’ve just got it.

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  • Now tap on Next which appears in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Then confirm the special code that Telegram will send you via text message or via a phone call.
  • Once your account is verified, type your first name and last name.

2. Google voice: Create Telegram account without actual phone number

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Google Voice is Google’s web calling app that provides users with a brand new phone number that can be used for voice calls in addition to SMS.
The application offers a lot of useful features. The only noteworthy warning is that you need a personal Google Account to use the service.

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Here is how it works!

  • Go to Google and create a new account if you don’t have one or if you are privacy-conscious.
  • Now, navigate to Google Voice and select a phone number.
  • Then register this number on Telegram.
  • Telegram will send you the confirmation code on this number.
  • Claim that code from the Google Voice window and type it into Telegram.
  • Confirm your account and start using it.

3. Burner:

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Burner is one another which is able to get this job done. It allows you to rent a temporary phone number. This app works like a bridge between your actual and rented number. As the calls and messages are received by the Burner server and transferred to your real number. Burner does not expose your real number to the one who called you. There are two categories of accounts that Burner offers: a short-term duplicator number ideal for checking Telegram which is completely free, and a subscription number which costs you some bucks and you can keep it whenever and as long as you want.

4. Textfree:

A smart service that gives you all the advantages of an American phone number owner. Using this service you can easily receive or send text messages or make calls. In-app calls and incoming calls are completely free, while outgoing minutes for costs you a little bit and available at the lowest rates.

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5. Textplus

This is another app from which you can get numbers. This app is very convenient and easy to navigate. Multimedia and SMS messages have not been classified into Canada and the United States. In-country and international call charges start at $ 0.02 / min.


Closing Thoughts

So, now you have an idea of How to use a Telegram without a phone number or you can say without your actual phone number. If you are using another method for verification or if you have any problem in doing so, you can mention your experiences and queries in the comment section below.

Thank you

Q 1. Is there any other risk of identification ?

yes, there exists another risk. Besides your email and phone number, your mac address is not as secure. Use VNC offering to change your Mac address.

Q 2. Do this temporary number give new owner an access of Telegram account?

Yes, if you are active on these acquired numbers, the company will fetch it and give it to some new owner. Now this owner can easily get your Telegram account’s access.

Q 4. How can we avoid this problem?

You must have to enable two-factor authentication in order to avoid some other person with spoofed number’s proof hook into your account and can access your conversations too.

Q 5. Can landline phone number also works ?

NO! telegram has to send you a confirmation code via msg. However, for the call option, it might work most probably, if not then use a cell phone number.

Q 6. Can i use someone else’s phone number?

Yes, you can, but give this thing a thought that person can get access to your account easily and also that if they have to create their telegram account problem will occur due to 2FA turned on.

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