How to share Netflix Account Without giving Password

In this era of the Internet, the new generation is much inclined towards the internet and technology. Televisions are becoming part of history as Netflix launches its services 20 years back in the United States. From its launch date to now, it has grown significantly and now, it is available in almost every country. Now Netflix has a magnificent and full of life collection of TV shows, movies, and much more content to gain the attraction of millions of its users. Netflix’s algorithm is such advanced that it recommends you different movies and TV shows based on your watch and search history so the user will see what they want to see.
Sharing your Netflix password or any other account is an act of pure trust that many of us don’t feel comfortable with. There are many of us who use a single password for many social media or different platforms. So, when any of your friend or family member asks for your Netflix password you don’t want to share it as if anyone knows your account password, they can easily impersonate you and can change settings within your account and even they can sneak into your other accounts if you are using the same password. So this question of yours that how to share Netflix’s account without giving a password? Is fully justified. In this article, we show you how to share a Netflix account without giving a password? Not even Netflix you can give access to many other platforms too like HBO, or Amazon Prime Video without compromising your username and password. With this trick, you can share your Netflix account without giving out the password to anyone.

How to share Netflix account without giving password

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Two Methods

There are various ways that allows you to share your Netflix and different accounts without giving password. Out of which these 2 apps comes top the list.

  1. ShareAccount
  2. Donotpay

1. ShareAccount

Shareaccount is one of the safest way to share your account without giving password.


Follow these steps to share netflix account without giving password

Step 1: Add ShareAccount extension

You and the person you want to share your Netflix account with must add Shareaccount extension to your Chrome browser.

  • Go to google type share account go to the first link ShareAccount-GoogleChrome
  • now tap on Add to chrome then on Add extension.
  • This has to be done from both ends sender and receiver. Once it is done then you can easily share your account with whom you want.

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Step 2: Exchange codes

The ShareAccount extension uses the JavaScript library where the public key is combined with a private key to obtain authentication of the service. To share your account whom you want you both must have an active Chrome Bar extension

  • Now the receiver has to tap on that extension in Chrome Bar.
  • 3 options will appear, the receiver has to select the second option “receive account”.
  • Code will appear in the box below, tap on copy code and send to the one who is sharing Netflix account, through WhatsApp or via any other mean
  • Now go to the ShareAccount extension, tap on share account, and paste the code given by the receiver in the recipient box.
  • Now tap on the share account option below, a new code will appear, copy that code and send it to the receiver.
  • The receiver then copy that code and go to the Shareaccount extension pastes that code in receive account>share result and then tap on receive now they will get access to your Netflix account.

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Set time limit of usage

You can also set time limit for the one you have given your account to. You just have to write a number of hours you want to give access and a countdown clock will tp indicate the expiration of this given access.

2. DoNotPay

There is one another method too to share your Netflix account without giving password. DoNotPay, from this app, you can create a shareable link that you can send to the people you want to share your account with. DoNotPay also works like ShareAccount. First, you have to add an extension of DoNotPay to your browser. It will generate codes for both receiver and sender then you have to exchange keys and then you will be able to share your account without giving a password. There is also an exchange feature where you can request access to someone else’s account in exchange for accessing your account. Users must verify their identity before they can access your account and you can revoke access to any account at any time.
DoNotPay does not limit to how many people you can share your account with. However, it may be limited by your own subscription and the number of simultaneous flows allowed.

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How to share Netflix account without giving password ? Now you know this and i hope you get a clear cut idea after reading this article. If you some more methods or you have any problem in doing this, let us know through you comments in the comment section below.



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