How to text someone who blocked you? 2022

Having the strongest bond with your beloved one usually comes to an end. The reason for such endings is a misconception that you or the third person creates for you. It is always suggested to keep your personal relation private. Yet, many of you don’t rely upon this experience and face carelessness. Does that person block you? If yes, do you know how to text someone who blocked you? Take it easy! Solve your problem by following our directions.

You are pleased to convey your essential message to your friend in a few instances. Unluckily, no network will convey your message because your friend has blocked you. Not showing active or offline signs irritates you on WhatsApp or any other social media. Now, you can indeed terminate such issues through the tools and techniques of our recommendations. 

For that technique, don’t lack your reading focus!

Creative Ways To Text Someone Who Blocked You

When you are stuck in uncertainty, you should escape from it by implementing our five different ways to contact your friend. In that case, staying peaceful while working over it is required.

1. Re-install Whatsapp Account

This technique is the main trick to terminate the blockage from your particular person. There is a chance that your clarification can bring happiness to both of you. As a first step, you should go to the settings page of WhatsApp. Tap on the setting to get the option of “My Account.” Please select it and delete your number. According to Tech Expert Kenneth, the best practice is to take a backup of your chat history and WhatsApp media files before re-installing it.

After doing it, it is the right time to uninstall your WhatsApp application too. After a few minutes, re-install it again and sign up. Every number that has blocked you can undoubtedly receive your messages when you sign up. In the meantime, you must select your original country and its code to avoid an error.

2. Create a social WhatsApp Group

This step will allow you to clear all the misunderstandings with your friend. This might be tough to message your friend in your public group. It seems awkward for you! and is highly understandable! You can only agree with your other friends to help you reach your special friend. If they agree with you, ask them to create a social group, including her. 

Before justifications, give your solid opinion that your friends did not get a chance to say no. after creating a group including her, ask your other friends to leave the chat box. Now, you both have privacy to deal with your problem.

3. SMS via Network

Another reliable way yet vintage way of communication is SMS through a network. If your friend has blocked you on social media, you can drop your sorry message through a network. Remember to save her number on your SIM to avoid ambiguity. 

If you want an easy way to find how to text someone who blocked you, you can use the network hack. In your message, your tone should be sweet as honey with pureness. 

4. Utilize Other Social Applications

Unlike WhatsApp, you are open to finding her account on Facebook or Instagram. These apps are highly at their peak usage. If you are not getting a single reply from your friend, use another social media application to reach her. Otherwise, waiting can give you lifetime punishment. Working on the solution can only give you a fruitful result. 

Sometimes, you don’t have her username on other applications. It would be best if you used Skype to get through it. Type her number and save it. Once you don’t do it, drop a request message. It will embarrass you If you call her directly. 

5. Online Messaging Websites

Google creates technical applications or sites for its users in a digital world. In its creation, Google has provided you to use online texting sites for fun. Nevertheless, you can use these sites that give you free access to deliver your message. Such websites give you a facility on how to text someone who blocked you. Sign up on the texting website that is free to use. It will provide you with the exact name with a different phone number. It will deliver your message to your friend with a different number.

Last Words

Give yourself a mini treat! Because you have wrapped up the entire topic with n interest. The case that describes how to text someone who blocked you is now easy to understand. At some point, an application might trigger you. The only reason would be your poor internet connectivity. 

Implement any method of your choice within smooth internet signals. If you want a further explanation, you can solve your confusion. Drop them in the comment section. We will reach you all soon.

Till then, have a great friendship day!


How can I contact someone who has blocked me?

You can contact your friend by contacting her through a phone call. In order to perform it, you should go to your phone settings. Change your identity to call her an unknown. For a quick way, dial *67 before calling her. Dialing it will give her no identity proof. Hence, she will pick up your phone to know who has called her. Once she picks it up, nicely greet her with justifications. 

Can I use * 67 if I’m blocked?

Dialing *67 will indeed make your day by ringing your call on your friend’s phone. In that situation, it will be better to dial it instantly before making her a call. Don’t take breaks in between because it can break the connection. This method will only visualize some phone digits on your friend’s phone. 

Why do people block you?

The reason depends on the feelings of your partner. If your partner wants to cheat you, he will indeed block you from social applications. Not every person has a pure intention towards you. Many will come to use you for their benefit. That is why you don’t allow everyone to have a connection with you. Be specific and mature while choosing a partner.

Usama Sarfraz

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