How to speed up a video on iPhone more than 2x (Updated 2022)

The iPhone’s slow-mo feature makes it susceptible to trying specific effects. Every person knows to slow the video in an iPhone attached slow-mo camera and it is never simpler. How about speeding up a video on an iPhone? You cannot speed up video like slow-mo in your iPhone during capturing. The iPhone allows you to speed up the already captured video clips. 

Speeding up video requires different ways but relies on the file size and video type. It depends on whether you like to fast the slow-mo video or normal speed video clips. Let’s get started to speed up your iPhone video. 

Speed up video on iPhone iMovie

What are the main features of the iMovie app and how to use it? IMovie is an editing app developed by  Apple. Its main feature is to enhance the video by cropping, transitions, filters, rotation, and modification in speed.  You can add titles or text in the video by iMovie. This app helps to convert slow-mo to speed up. 

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How to speed up video on an iPhone more than 2x? There are some steps to speed up videos more than 2x. Firstly you need to download an app and then let’s take a glimpse for further steps. 

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  1. Open the iMovie app on your iPhone and continue the app if the welcome option appears.
  2. A new page appears on the iPhone by the name of “Project”.
  3. Now you can see the two options, one is the + sign and the other is the My Movies.
  4. You should click on the “+” ( plus sign icon).
  5. Another page opens by the name “New Project”.
  6. Tap on the option “Movies” that is shown on the new project page
  7. The next page by the name of “Moments” opens and the “Media” option is shown on the upper left corner.
  8. Tap on the “Media” and select the video that you want to speed up in iMovie.
  9. After selecting and clicking on the “Create Movie” option at the bottom of the page you could easily know how to speed up a video on an iPhone.
  10. Now the next page is open and you can tap on the video clip.
  11. After that click on the “Speed Tool” that is looking like a speedometer.
  12. A yellow slider appears at the bottom side, you can drag it forward to speed up slow-motion video and drag it backward for slow-mo.
  13. Tap the option “Done” that is shown in the upper left corner.
  14. Save the video by clicking on the “Share” option below the page.

In this way you can speed up iPhone video 1x, 2x, 3x, and more. Now let’s go on to another method. 

Photo App to speed up video on iPhone

How to use a photo app to speed up video? Maybe a photo app will be easiest for you to use rather than iMovie. You can easily change the speed of the slow-mo video to regular speed. Use the editing tool to speed up slow-motion clips. Let’s follow the below steps;

  1. Before all else, open the Photo app.
  2. The page is open by the name of “For you”.
  3. Click on the option “Album” shown at the bottom of the page.
  4. Tap on the “Media type” that appears on the Album page.
  5. In the “media type” the option Slow-mo presents.
  6. Click on the Slow-mo and select the video to speed up.
  7. Tap on the Edit option shown in the top right corner.
  8. Now at the bottom, the white hatched line shows. The more space between the lines indicates the slow-mo and the less space between the lines indicates average speed.
  9. You should need to combine the two white vertical lines to remove slow-mo and speed-up video clips.
  10. After editing, click the Done option shown at the bottom right corner.
  11. Now save the video and share it with your circle.

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Shortly, you will be able to speed up the slow-motion and average video by using different apps like Imovie and photo apps. If you want to explore more apps to know how to speed up a video on iPhone then use the InShot, Cap Cut, and viva videos apps.  You just need to go on editing and change the speed. 

Pro-tip is you can again edit your video after saving it into the app. Otherwise, you can use the video from the gallery for editing.  Hopefully, the above methods are helpful for you and you will enjoy this article.

Usama Sarfraz

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