How to Find Your Phone Number on Android and iOS

There is nothing more embarrassing than being asked for your number but you can’t remember it. These days most of us use multiple contact numbers which are very hard to remember. Nowadays, phone numbers are not what they use to be back 8 10-12 years. We all used to have two to three important one’s numbers on top of our minds, but now we are flooded with many pieces of information that are way more necessary to be remembered as compared to the phone numbers. Still, there are many instances that require your phone number, SO, do you have any idea how to find your phone number if you don’t remember it? don’t worry we have some of the best solutions for you, to avoid remembering phone numbers.

If You want to share your phone number with your social circle. But you face a situation where you got a new number and you never remember it. What should you do for a quick share? Obviously, you got puzzled when someone asked for your number. There are some very useful ideas to know how to find your phone number on android and IOS devices. 

Sometimes, you remember your number but you feel confused about your exact number. However, sometimes you are sure about your contact number but not yours. Let’s start checking different methods to know how to find your phone number in this situation.

Android Settings

If you are a user of Android then you should check the version of your phone. The old version settings are a little bit different than the new version. But following steps will be helpful for older versions either. Let’s follow the steps with us,

  1. Open your android screen lock and go to the “Settings”
  2. Then go to “More Settings”(In some mobile phones)
  3. Go to the option of “About Phone”
  4. Choose the option of “Status” in About Phone
  5. Now select the option “SIM Status” (Get the number of desire SIMs)
  6. Then select “My Phone Number” (You got your number)

Here make sure to select the option of SIM status. Because if you have two SIMS(SIM1 or SIM2) and one SIM is your personal then choose wisely. If this trick is not worked in your android then try one more quick trick. 

  1. Open your android lock and go to the “Contacts”
  2. In your contacts go to the top and select the “Me” option
  3. Now you got your number

In case your android does not respond to discover the number then try to contact your family member or friend. Ask your number to your sister or brother.

Pro tips to recover lost contacts in Androids

After getting your number, note it down on your mobile and save it by your name. It will help you in the future and you will give your number easily to others. Try to save your number in SIM rather than by phone. Because when you sell the phone and buy a new one then your number will also be lost. Sometimes your all SIM contacts including you don’t show on your new phone. 

How can I recover my All Contacts? In this situation go to the “Settings” and choose the option of “Contacts”. When you choose the Contacts option then select the option “Display Contacts” from the menu. Then some options show like All Contacts, SIM1, or SIM2 contacts. You must select the option of “All Contact”.

IOS Settings

Furthermore, suppose you are an IOS user or recently shifted from Android to iPhone. Then the settings are almost the same as Android. You can try three methods on your IOS.

  1. In IOS you need to open Phone App and then select the option of “Contacts”
  2. At the top of the contacts, you can see the option of “My Card”
  3. Click on the My Card option and get your number

Assuming, this method does not work properly on your IOS then take a quick look at another one.

  1. Go to the “Settings” and click on it
  2. Scroll down and find the option of “Phone”
  3. Scroll down again and find the option of “My Number”

Can I use iTunes to find out numbers? You can use iTunes to find your number. First of all, give access to your computer by plugging your IOS with a cable. After clicking on “Allow” open the ITune and open the phone icon. Your phone details show on the computer and you get a number in this way also.

Bonus tips to find your number

Yet, if you don’t know about the settings and you feel lazy about the above methods. Then there are some short and easy ways to know how to find your phone number

  1. Dial USSD code *99# and the number will be shown on your screen
  2. Find out your SIM card packaging because the number is mentioned on every card packaging
  3. Call the customer services because they have all the data about the network you have used
  4. If the network is busy then visit the nearest store and provide the details for help
  5. Check your important store bills and other receipts it will be helpful


I hope now you have an idea of how to find your phone number on android as well as iPhone. You can easily find a number by easy tips and tricks. Sometimes your number shows “Unknown” then you can check your sim card whether it is inserted well or not. If you feel some problem then insert it again. You can try settings methods and discover your number in your android and IOS. 

When you got the number then quickly save your number on a notepad or by screenshot. Make sure to save your content on mobile. Keep in mind that android and IOS settings are different, don’t confuse them. You can contact the helpline and also visit the office of your network. 

Assume you are a new user and you don’t know about the setting then you need to go to the nearest office. Be easy and try to use pro tips. 

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