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Every gadget lover has some fascinations about their gadgets. There are many things in their mind that they think will remain their wish forever. Everybody likes to get welcome in their own way, many of us want to hear some greetings when we open our pc or laptop. As it is very pleasing for one to hear whatever sentence they want whenever the pc turns on. So, here I will tell you about how to create a welcome voice message or you can say custom voice message or windows startup sound on your pc or laptop by following some very easy steps below quickly.

1.First you have to press right click then go to new then click text document 

Then a folder for new text document forms

2.Go to that folder and paste the code I have written below

Dim speaks, speech

speaks=”Enter Your Text Here”

Set speech=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)

speech.Speak speaks

Then you have to edit whatever welcome voice message you want your pc or laptop will say in the second line of the above-given code in place of “Your Text Here” write your welcome voice message in between inverted commas.

3.Then go to files option click save as.

Save the file with whatever name you want just add .vbs after the name.
Your saved file will appear like this identified in the picture you can hear to check your custom voice message by clicking this file.

4.Then type run on the start panel and click on the run app.

5.Then you have to type shell:startup in the run app which pops up.

6.It will open a startup file

7.You simply have to copy and paste the file you have saved with the .vbs extension.

You are just one step away to create a welcome voice message for you device.

8. Now go to settings and click on sound option then go to sound control panel a sound character box will pop up on your screen. Now go to the third option Sounds then go down to sound scheme and select no sound options usually windows default option will appear.

9.Now restart your computer to listen welcome voice message.

Congratulations you have successfully created your welcome voice message. Now your windows startup sound is not boring anymore. You can type custom voice messages that you will be pleased to hear which will boost your energy level to spend more time on pc.

Here in this article, we have learned how to create a welcome voice message now this question is no longer a question for you. I hope you got some good information about the topic. You can share your experience and queries with us in the comments section below.


Usama Sarfraz

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