10 tips to improve your Facebook engagement
10 tips to improve your Facebook engagement

Facebook engagement is one of the biggest areas of interest for social media marketers. It refers to the growth of interaction with the audience on the platform.

Engagement on Facebook is important because it decides the placement and reach of your post and helps extend your brand’s organic reach.

A high rate of engagement is an indication of a successful social media marketing strategy, so marketers are always looking for ways to boost engagement on the platform.

Here are some of the best tips you can use to improve your Facebook engagement.

1. Leverage the Power of Stories

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Stories are displayed at the top of the user’s feed which is a great place to draw attention to your content.

Facebook stories give you a way of sharing your content as often as you like without any fear of overdoing it.

Moreover, people don’t expect professional production quality for stories, so you can quickly create something that builds a personal connection with followers.

2. Add a call-to-action button

Inserting a CTA button in your posts is a great way to give your audience engagement options beyond liking, commenting, and sharing.

Some effective examples include asking followers to contact you, view your products, click through the site, or join your Facebook group.

3. Run Contests

People tend to love receiving free stuff. Competitions and giveaways are amazing ways to get people excited and connect them with your brand on the platform.

If done well, a contest can boost your brand’s reach to newer audiences and get you impressive results from your Facebook marketing strategy.

However, the platform has some rules about contests on the site, so ensure that you are aware of the terms before you start rewarding your fans for engaging with you.

4. Post Videos

It is a well-known fact that videos see higher engagement rates than pictures. It is easy to get started at posting video content; you need not use professional equipment and hire videographers to create eye-catching videos. Just a simple online video editor can do the trick if you know what you’re after.

Even a short and impactful video can catch attention on the platform. Live videos on Facebook have high engagement as well, so add timely broadcasts into your social media strategy to see better results.

Moreover, the Facebook algorithm prioritizes native videos which means you should upload your videos directly on the network rather than sharing links.

5. Post at the Right Time

Facebook’s algorithm rewards posts receiving the highest engagement. This fact stresses the importance of timing your posts to perfection. When you post at times when your followers are on the platform, you instantly boost the chances of getting likes and comments on your post.

Each platform has its optimal posting time based on user data which should help you come up with a posting schedule for the best engagement. Consider using a scheduler to plan your calendar in advance and enjoy the flexibility of trying different post times to see what works best.

6. Be Consistent

One of the most crucial things for any social media marketing strategy is consistency. Keeping your posting frequency high ensures your brand always stays in front of the target audience.

You should post 1-3 times every day on Facebook. Be consistent in your posting schedule and your audience would expect to see content from you on a regular basis. You can test to find for yourself how often you should post to appeal the most to your followers.

7. Provide a Variety

Delivering a good variety of content is important. If you only share material that promotes you and your business, you won’t see the engagement you expect but would rather lose followers.

So, keep varying your content type by rotating through articles, videos, images, reviews, memes, status updates, and more.

You can even curate interesting posts from other sources to reach a wider audience. This also relieves you of the constant need to create content pieces yourself.

8. Prioritize Replies and Comments

Facebook engagement is not a one-time affair; it is a continuous process that takes everyday effort. If a fan spends time responding to your content, make sure you return the favor by dropping a reply.

People always seek to interact with brands on social media platforms which is why brands that reply to comments get more engagement. Taking time to reply to fans shows them that you are listening.

This not only helps build a positive brand perspective but also boosts more interaction. You can even use chatbots to take care of interactions if you don’t have so much time.

9. Drive Traffic from other sources

A powerful source of engagement on Facebook is your traffic from other platforms. Ensure that you help them find you on the social media platform by inserting a link to your page on other networks.

You can also link to Facebook from your email signature and website. Consider inserting a Facebook plugin on a blog post or embedding a Facebook post in a blog.

You can even add your Facebook link on your offline material like event posters and business cards.

10. Ask Questions

If you want to increase your Facebook engagement, you must give people a reason and a clue about how to respond. One of the best ways to do this is by asking questions.

Asking questions gives them a chance to share their thoughts and is a great way to start an interaction. When you ask a question in your post, the audience would immediately think of an answer and even check what other people are saying and if they have a similar opinion. Don’t forget to head into the comments to start some conversations and appreciate people for commenting.

Final Thoughts

Working on boosting your Facebook engagement can seem to be daunting at first. However, these tips should help you get started at creating content that gives a reason to engage.

The key to getting the highest engagement on the platform is to analyze what works and focus on it. Use insights to learn what resonates the best with your audience and create relevant content that they would like to see.


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