IT education: professional trends for the next 10 years

It is hard to imagine a more dynamic field than IT. The fact of rapid innovation in it is obvious to everyone, but what is important for IT people themselves, especially for those who have just started their professional journey, so it is the vector of change. What technologies will be advanced in 5-10 years? What programming languages to learn today to be in demand tomorrow? We compiled a list of future trends.

The most promising professions:

1. AI trainer. An AI can do the work of millions of humans, but only if someone trains it. The AI has to anticipate different situational options, so it’s gaining that human experience for now. 

2. AI developer/machine, learning engineer. The specialty of AI developers will absolutely be gaining popularity and holding the palm for a long time after 2030.

Should we expect AI to replace humans? As technology develops, there will only be more work for humans. First, someone has to create and improve the technology itself. Secondly, the industry will need specialists who will translate the programming language into human language. Thirdly, there will always be a demand for customized solutions, which cannot be implemented using a template.

Automation, Robotics

Experts are convinced that the professions of the future in IT are related to tasking and managing in automation. Speaking about business tasks, we mean a countless number of possible combinations of moves. A specialist must rank and send tasks to the system so that it calculates them and offers a solution. These are the professions of the future in IT – people who manage automation, tune and maintain robots, train them and set advanced tasks.

Even today, the demand for robotics experts is increasing. These are designers, robot operators, developers of interfaces for robotic systems. Robotization is gaining popularity in logistics, medicine, education, and other areas. The market needs specialists capable of creating and maintaining robotic systems.

But it is worth noting that as programming becomes available to more and more people, one of the key competencies of a programmer becomes the ability to operate with abstract concepts. At the same time, the threshold of entering the industry will become higher – you will have to understand the regularities of work of the code at all levels. In this regard, the industry of intellectual robotization of top-level IT processes will develop at a great pace. The need for RPA-developers and robotics specialists, who know how to create and implement such solutions, will grow as well. The RPA-development market includes a large number of different professions: developers, analysts, architects, and project managers. The set of professional competencies for this sphere is quite extensive, but the main thing is strong analytical skills, strategic thinking, and knowledge of algorithm mechanisms.

Mobile technologies

The development of mobile technology is not a new trend, but its potential is far from exhausted. There are more and more gadgets on the market, hence the growing demand for developers. Today, many services, first of all, release mobile solutions and then web versions. Experts assure that in the next few years the IT industry will continue to develop at a rapid pace.


The tester profession is often seen as an opportunity to start in IT – it’s comparatively easy to learn, and the entrance threshold is one of the lowest in the industry.

Narrative Design 

It is worth noting the most mentioned but noticeable trend – the growth of demand for such professions as “game writers” and “narrative designers”. The narrative designer is a completely new profession, which is just emerging in the game development market. Experts are convinced that since the game industry is actively developing, there is a chance that in the future there will be more and more great projects, and they will require entire departments of narrative designers, screenwriters, and writers.

Advice to students who are choosing IT today

The experts are unanimous on this point. First of all, you should not chase trends. It makes sense to choose the direction that interests you today, and as you grow in the profession to determine which areas are more in demand. To switch easily between specializations, you need a base – higher education, which forms a certain style of thinking. Yes, studying is not an easy thing, but there are a lot of services that help students with their studies, and at any difficult moment he can turn to an essay writer online for help.

Today, developers compete for less on knowledge than on speed. All web development is about using two or three frameworks and combining their features correctly. The tasks are typical, and the solutions are well developed. It is about ordinary machine work, which does not require higher education. Some specialists came for an internship without experience and knowledge, and three months later they are already fully prepared to work. In such cases, a two-year education is quite suitable as an analog of a technical college.
The peculiarity of university training is preparation in the areas where scientific approach, research, and discoveries are required, as well as work at the intersection of technologies. The promising areas require engineers and scientists, not machine operators. Students need a fundamental knowledge of all areas of the IT sphere, and the emphasis should be placed on promising technologies – working with data, machine learning, and embedded solutions. You should not forget about the “iron” side, because you have to write code for a purpose, while the design and development of complex devices is a very non-trivial task that requires a high-quality higher education. Experts are convinced that the market always needs “hands”, and they are needed much more than “creators”.

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