Coolest Nintendo switch Controller
Coolest Nintendo switch Controller

It is time for you to save some cash because 2022 is the year that introduces you to some of the coolest Nintendo Switch controllers that you need to invest in. No one can deny the supremacy of Nintendo Switch’s Pro controller. Joy-Cons have been a good option but they are more for simple multiplayer games. On the other hand, the Switch pro controller has grips and is more comfortable.

In order to have a quality experience with the controllers we are going to talk about, you must have an internet connection that provides superfast speed with the lowest latency rate so you can play your video games with absolutely no glitches and interruptions. In this regard, fiber optic internet wins the heart of its users. With its blazing fast speed, you will experience the gaming world just the way it is meant to be. First, you need to make sure, if it is accessible in your locality and service provider is offering fiber internet in my area.

So, get yourself a subscription to this futuristic internet connection so you can play video games and use all the gadgets without any technical difficulties. Now, let’s take a deep dive into one of the coolest Nintendo Switch Controllers you should keep an eye out for in 2022.

1.     Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

A little heavier on the wallet but still it is worth the investment because the Nintendo Switch Pro controller offers one of the best features and if you can afford it, then we suggest you should go for it. Currently, it is the best controller when comfort is concerned. Its performance is also commendable. So, if you are buying something for your enjoyment, then Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a perfect choice.

2.     PDP Gaming Little Wireless Controller

We have to admit, the name is way too adorable for us to pass on but don’t underestimate its performance because PDP Gaming Little Wireless Controller is one of the most comfortable and affordable options available in the market.

Not only this, but the buttons are firm and responsive, and don’t expect any mushiness to the D-pad. The overall layout of this controller is admirable since all the buttons are shaped brilliantly so you can hit the correct one, which is quite crucial while you are at the peak of playing your favorite game.

3.     PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller

If you are familiar with the regular one then there is not much to know about it except that it is a bit smaller. For $50, this PowerA Nano-Enhanced Wireless Controller offers a stunning look with top-notch quality buttons and course, motion controls. Also, this controller runs on a built-in rechargeable battery, as opposed to the ones that run on AA cells and this is why it comes with a six-foot USB-C cable that will provide you a battery life of 20 hours.

One of the exciting parts of this controller is that it is specially designed for travel purposes and there is even a cute little pouch included in the pack for storage. In addition to this, it works best for kids as well due to its small size that can fit in their tiny hands.

All in all, PowerA Nano-Enhanced Wireless Controller is nothing short of an impressive investment for all those who are trying to save money but also want a quality experience.

4.     Horipad Nintendo Switch Wired Controller

As the name already suggests, this controller is wired but its minimal price of $20 provides you comfort, which is what everyone looks for in any controller. Not only this, the buttons on Horipad Nintendo Switch Wired Controller are decent and quite nice, considering the price they come at. The controller has a Turbo button but lacks vibration and motion control.

On the whole, this Nintendo Switch Controller works just fine however, for some, it being a wired one could be a deal-breaker. If you are interested then know that as of this moment, you can get this controller in three colors – black, blue, and red.

To Sum Up

With so many intriguing options available in the market, it can get overwhelming to find the best Nintendo Switch Controller with all the features that make it not only look cool but also efficient in performance. For this, we have mentioned our top picks in the above section so you can narrow them down to the ones that pique your interest the most and have an excellent gaming experience.


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