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How to share wifi password instantly with your guest

Every famous person says that sharing is caring. Is it really true that just a famous person can care by sharing? By sharing your wifi password you can also become a caring person. You can show your humility with your family members and guests by sharing Wi-fi. So, let’s start knowing how to share wifi passwords quickly with your guests? 

Suppose someone asks for a password and you are facing security issues then it feels annoying. Maybe you feel irritated by forgotten passwords. Your irritating behavior shows bad impressions on your guests. If you want to make your invite happy then try to cooperate with them by following the best ways of sharing wifi streamings. 

Make sure to resolve the security issues and get some prints of the wifi password before the invitation. You can connect your streaming network with iPhone, mac, and other androids. For connection, you need to install the latest versions. 

Share your wifi with multiple connections

Can we connect wifi with multiple connections? You can connect your wifi with your android, smartphone, iPhones, laptops, and computers. But how do we make a connection from phone to phone? Obviously, you can connect your phones by sharing wifi passwords. 

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Share wifi from iPhone to android

Like an iPhone, Android does not have an IOS operating system. In this regard, you need to generate a QR code in your iPhone and share wifi by QR code. After generating a code you can easily know  How to share wifi password between iPhone and android? Now you ask how to generate QR codes? 

  1. Generate QR codes by downloading QR code generators in IOS
  2. Make sure to download a safe code generator.
  3. Open the code generator and put the information about name and password in the SSID and key box
  4. Make sure to remember the password and name
  5. After clicking on the Generate option your code will generate
  6. You can save the file and also you can connect by scanning
  7. For sharing wifi, open the camera of your android for scanning
  8. Scan the code by focusing your camera on the QR code
  9. The message will pop up and your android will connect successfully.

You can also create a QR code by your mobile settings.

  1. Open the “settings” and click on “network and internet” and then the Wifi option
  2. Gear and click on “Share”
  3. Verify your “PIN” and generate Code

Share wifi from mobile to laptop

You can share wifi from mobile to laptop without any code generator. With some little effort, you can share wifi passwords.

  1. Open the “Settings” of Android and tap on “more”
  2. Click on “tethering and portable hotspot” then click on “Wifi hotspot” and set the name
  3. Click on the” security WPA2 PSK” and set the password
  4. Go to the “Settings” of the laptop and click on “network and internet”
  5. Turn on the wifi and find the network name
  6. Put in the password and enjoy your day

In some mobiles, you can go on WIFI hotspot and set the setting by clicking on Hotspot configuration. After creating a password, save it. Turn on your data connection and wifi hotspot and go to your laptop

Share wifi from iPad to iPhone

Hopefully, you feel at ease after knowing how to share wifi password to your laptop. For iPad to iPhone connection open the settings of the iPad and go to your personal hotspot. Now set name and password and turn ON data and wifi hotspot

Now open the Setting of the iPhone and move to wifi. Find the network and put the password. 

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Share wifi from iPhone to Macbooks

How can we share wifi from iPhone to mac? iPhone and MacBooks connect effortlessly because both are apple devices. Just set the settings of wifi and find the network on the MacBook. Allow access through the iPhone and get connected. Shortly try the above methods for sharing passwords.

What happens if the wifi won’t accept the correct password?

Mostly your wifi network does not accept your password then restart your mobile phone. This method helps to run your device smoothly and prevents your mobile or computer from crashing.  You can also check the correct network name. If you choose the wrong network then your correct password doesn’t work. Sometimes, you type the capital letters of a password instead of a small one.

Yet, you also feel stuck if your mobile has an old version. Always make sure to install a new version for better performance of your phone. You can also perform troubleshooting to check the main issue. Another main reason is storage, if your phone does not work due to storage then try to delete extra files. 

QR Code Generator

If a QR code or Apple’s Wi-Fi sharing method isn’t an option, you may always utilize a free QR code generator to send the password. A fast Google search will turn up a slew of programs; just make sure they support Wi-Fi data. QR Code Generator is the tool I’m using for this example, however, specializes in Wi-Fi codes, while Qrafter is a free iOS app that can be used to generate QR codes.

The SSID (network name) and password are entered after selecting the Wi-Fi mode (if more than one is available). Check your device’s Wi-Fi settings if you don’t already know what sort of security you need to use. To generate the code, click Generate after you’ve finished filling out the form.

The QR code may now be scanned by any mobile device or app that has a built-in scanner. Those in need may either scan the code off the screen or save it as a picture and transmit it to them. Additionally, QR Code Generator enables you to add a logo, change the code’s form, or even add color to the final product. As a result, visitors will have it much more quickly and easily accessible to them.

A QR code generator is an excellent way to transfer Wi-Fi from an iPhone to Android or a Windows PC since Microsoft has prohibited network sharing with contacts in Wi-Fi Sense.

How to Find Your Wi-Fi Password on Windows

A Microsoft feature called Wi-Fi Sense was used to enable you to automatically share your Wi-Fi information with your friends, but the company removed it owing to security issues As a result, sharing a Wi-Fi password from a Windows device is now impossible. I can only teach you how to discover your Windows Wi-Fi password:

  • Select Network & Internet from the Windows icon, then click on the Settings gear icon on the left.
  • Select Network and Sharing Center from the Status menu in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Where it reads “Connections: Wi-Fi [your network name],” click on it. (If you’re connected through Ethernet, this won’t work.)
  • In the pop-up box, choose Wireless Properties.
  • Make sure to check the box next to the Network security key that says “Show characters”.
  • Make sure your visitor selects the correct network and enters the password you provided.

Do you want to know the wifi Password of a connected network?


Expectantly you feel satisfied by following how to share WiFi password with your guests. You can share your wifi with multiple devices by some settings. Some devices like android are connected with iPhone by QR code. Ipad and laptops and connect with settings of a wifi hotspot. 

By reading the whole article you get amazing tricks to connect your iPhone to android, mobile to laptop, iPad to iPhone, and iPhone to mac. You should connect instantly by giving access when the pop-up notification shows on your iPhone. Make sure to put the correct password before connecting. 

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