How to find someone on tinder by phone number
How to find someone on tinder by phone number

Finding a perfect match for your life is very challenging. People like you got stuck finding their crush through scrolling endless accounts. Do you know how to find someone on Tinder by phone number? No worries!

We have mentioned every possible solution with various methods to find your crush in a short period. In some situations, you might lose your match due to some misunderstanding. Yet, when you realize to have a reunion, it becomes impossible to search for your ex-partner on Tinder. 

Therefore, stop the pointless scrolling on your tinder application because finding your partner in a few minutes is attainable using our recommended tools. If any of the ways does not suit you, we have shared authentic ways of using a phone number.

Let’s get rolling!

Best Methods to find someone on Tinder by phone number

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How to find someone on tinder by phone number

1- Use advanced features of Intelius

Intelius is solving problems through its powerful search services through a phone number. If you find the least time-consuming way; how to find someone on Tinder by phone number, you are on the right spot. 

Intelius has gained a huge audience by providing the world with premium features. It has around 50+ social networks that help you find an individual’s identity. Whenever you type a phone number on its search bar, it will show you thousands of many records. Luckily, it is safe from technical errors. 

The records can include tinder profiles and other dating profiles. Hence, it is the safest platform to rely on completely. This platform also assists you in identifying the real version of your match. The reason is that social media networks will simultaneously show some insights into her personality.

2- Social Catfish for tinder profile

The easy way of finding a tinder profile is through running social catfish. Download the latest extension of catfish in your browser. After its download, the best way to optimize it is by entering a valid phone number and searching it. 

Here is the good news for you! You can now search any tinder profile through an image of your match. Sometimes, you are unaware of the exact username of your match’s Tinder profile. Thus, you can also add efficiency to your search by adding an image. 

Catfish will scan your match’s image or phone number to track all the social networks to have data. The data will also bring the partner tinder profile username or id to its database. The database will be in the form of a personal report of a person. The entire process takes only a bit of valuable research.

3- Use the Spokeo tools for a Tinder profile

It is a leading tracking tool that provides property records, current address, phone number, and other legal records. The best point of using it is that a newbie can also use it as it is simple to perform a search task. Luckily, there is no need to download its application or extension to perform a task. Accordingly, you need to browse the official page.

Sometimes, it will not pop up with the tinder account details. Yet, its results of providing a report are enough to figure out the username on Tinder. Additionally, its provided data is sufficient to get effective results on Tinder. Now, it should resolve your confusion about finding someone on Tinder by phone number.

4- Search on People Finders

Now, you can use the professional way to find someone through people finders. Sometimes, it is burdensome to find the official tinder account of your crush with no details. It is fine to get in this trouble!

Finally, People finders are here for your rescue. You can use any information of your match on people finder to discover her profile in no time. If you want a tool that works fast with accurate detail, you should prefer People Finders. It will save you time from waiting too long to get a response. 

Search even the last name of your match on the search bar and click search. In a few seconds, it will provide your match’s adequate information with all her background details. Therefore, be patient while loading time of the up-to-date information.

How to find someone on Tinder by phone number without joining?

Use the incognito mode on chrome or firefox while signing in to the tinder account. Make sure that your tinder account is on private browsing. You should turn off tracking on the browser settings to get an effective result. When you search for your partner in incognito mode, she will never receive any update on your view. In this way, you will play smart while knowing her profile.

How can I find out if my BF is on Tinder?

According to the restricted policy of Tinder, you can only see someone’s profile if you are a match. If your BF is your match, Tinder will show its current information and profile picture in your search bar. If you cannot see it, then he has removed your match. 

Moreover, you should update your tinder application to overview updated profiles on Tinder. You can also try searching for him with his phone number on the search bar. That way will surely provide you with quick and effective results.

Is there a way to find a specific person on Tinder?

Yes, it is very easy to find a special person by clicking on the search icon. Suppose you are using a mobile application. Press and pull down your screen to view a search bar. Then click on the find to get desirable results. Through scrolling, you will find that special person.

Last words

Give yourself a mini treat! Because we have completed the entire topic through acknowledgment. The topic of how to find someone on Tinder by phone number has given you various ways to find your crush. 

Besides, various tools will update you about the authenticity of your crush. Afterward, this tool will clear everything, whether your crush is a scammer or a cheater. This tool will give you long-term peace before you reach the core of your relationship. 

At last, share your thoughts on your finding skills through a phone number. We will enjoy your stories in the comment section.

Until then, have a perfect match day!


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