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How To Change Name On Tinder? [Solved!!]

The majority of tinder users wanted to change their usernames to minimize their personal information. But if you look at the official tinder forum on how to change name on Tinder, it will notify you with the information that you cannot change your name after account creation. Tinder will only give you a solution by making a new profile. Nonetheless, you will lose your account data because Tinder has no policy to shift your data into your new account.

Did that make you sad? No worries, our recommendations will give you a quick hack to solve this query. To get it, you have to ensure not to miss any point in this article. You will surely learn it thoroughly. Good luck from our side.

Without wasting any moment, let’s get started!

Practical Steps to Change Name On Tinder

How to change the name on tinder

Before moving on, let us give you a sneak peek of good news. If you have made an account through a mobile number, you will never be able to change your name. Yet, you will only have to delete the first account and create another one. To make this happen, you must let go of your personal data, matches, conversation, and likes.

Now, let’s look at practical steps to change the name on Tinder!

1. Browse Facebook account

Open your official Facebook account on your smart device. You can switch to the browser if it is not showing its link connected with Tinder. Don’t get confused with different navigation options on various smart devices. Surprisingly, navigation to the connection is the same in every Android, Apple, and Windows. In addition to it, you should have a smooth internet signal to avoid technical problems.

2. Click on the menu bar

On your smart device, click on the right menu bar adjacent to your notification icon. The menu bar is located the same on every intelligent device. 

3. Tap on the settings & Privacy icon

Settings and privacy icons show the personal details you mentioned while creating your Facebook profile. Tap on this icon to visit the locations tab to make changes to your personal information. 

4. Edit your personal information

Reaching the settings page will show you your personal information. From there, you can freely edit your name or other personal information. 

If that account is linked with Tinder, it will also show changed information on your Tinder account. 

Now, you might get an idea of how to change name on Tinder. On this point, don’t jump on the bandwagon without knowing the further procedure.

5. Begin with editing the name

The named icon will show three boxes on the next page by clicking on the name section. As we discussed in step 4, the name section is present in the personal information. 

The name option will show three boxes named first, middle, and last names to edit them. If you edit all the terms, it will automatically show changes on the Tinder profile. 

6. Review and save

After making changes, you must review your information once before saving it. Here is the Facebook policy! You can only protect your changes by entering your password correctly. 

This security is only existing to protect your profile from profiling. Although, once your password is inserted correctly, tap to save icon. 

A blue button mentioning save changes will be present at the bottom. Tapping will instantly take you to a new profile with all changes. 

7. Enjoy your new name on Tinder

Open your Tinder account; your profile will spontaneously show a new name on your profile. Isn’t it the best news ever to enhance the level of your profile? More often, your profile will not stand firm with a new name. You should add an excellent profile picture and a perfect bio. Indeed, that is the primary criteria to attract your type of match.

Can we change name on Tinder without Facebook?

When your Tinder account is not linked with your Facebook account, there is no authentic way to change your name. Despite all, you can create a new account to add your desirable name. In the loss, you will lose all your data, including chatting with your partner, partner contact details, and likes.

Unfortunately, it will take your time to make an eye-catchy profile again to stand in competition with uniqueness. It is impossible if you think it will shift your data to another account. Reset your profile that automatically deletes all your matches.

Why can’t I edit my Tinder profile?

You can change every other detail than your name. If you cannot access the edit page on Tinder, refresh your page. Secondly, check your internet connection to have a smooth user experience. If you still face the problem, you should reinstall or update the Tinder application. Yet, you will indeed get a worthwhile result.

Where are the account settings on Tinder?

In your Tinder application, open the setting tap. Through it, you can choose your priorities to edit your account settings. Account settings will show gender change, proximity to great matches, and age range.

Last Word

Congratulations! We have thoroughly discussed how to change name on Tinder. It will assist you in implementing our experienced procedure. If you are up with questions, comment below. Although, we will try to reach you all soon. Moreover, you can share your user experience with us.

Until next time, have a perfect match day!

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