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How Does VR Work [2021]

While using virtual reality headset, have you ever wondered How does VR work? Obviously not. But don’t worry, we will help you understand different aspects of Virtual Reality(VR). Virtual Reality is a completely new technology, which immerses the person in a three-dimensional digital environment, instead of watching it on a screen. Computer aided videos and content help to simulate a real environment to people through their sense of vision, hearing, and touch.

The simulation usually requires two main elements which include the content source and the user’s device. The virtual reality systems currently comprise headphones, a walker which is omnidirectional, gloves and goggles(special). Virtual reality tools provide realistic interactions which are high-quality.

Now we know what things are required for virtual reality to operate. But do you know how virtual reality works? Obviously the technical part isn’t that interesting. But we will try to understand the technology in work behind virtual reality. You can easily understand how does VR work and what are some basics of virtual reality.

1.Basics of Virtual Reality

How VR Works

Virtual reality is just simulation of vision. The headphone focuses to model its approach to creating a fascinating 3D environment. Each VR headset has two screens (one for each eye), this eliminates every distraction from the real world. There are two lenses which autofocus and are placed between the eyes and screen. These lenses adjust with respect to individual eye position and movement. VR headsets use devices like phone or a cable (HDMI or VGA) connected to a computer to project the visualization on the screen.


To create a truly immersive virtual reality, there are a few basic requirements – a minimum frame rate of 60 fps, an equally effective refresh rate and a 100-degree field of view (though 180 degrees is ideal). The frame rate determines at which rate the GPU processes any image per second, the refresh rate of a screen is the display frequency to display the images, and the field of view is the range in which the screen can support eye and head movement.

2.Major Problem of VR

Response Time

One major problem of VR is the experience the response time. It means a very large time gap between their actions and the response from the screen. The response should be less than 20 milliseconds.

Internet Pitting

Another issue is to prevent interruptions (internet pitting) caused by differences between frame rate and refresh rate. If the GPU frame rate is greater than the screen refresh rate, the image can be distorted. To address this problem, the frame rate is changed as compared to the refresh rate of monitor. This is done by using a technology known as Vertical Sync (VSync).

3. Basic Elements of VR

There are some other elements which help in creating a VR experience, which the users can enjoy completely. Let’s understand how does VR work using these elements:


Sound effects in VR

The sound effects, when synchronized with the visuals, can create very attractive effects. With headphones and 3D sound effects, the user’s belief in the virtual environment can be reassured. While crafting sound effects, due care must be taken regarding consistency between graphics and sound. If you start playing horror music in the background of a fictional movie, the user is stopped.

Eye and head tracking in VR

Laser pointers, LED lights or handheld sensors ensure eye and head tracking. A phone uses an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a magnetometer to identify 3D movement, angular movement and, the position of an object respectively. VR headset rooms use sensors with cameras to experience a high quality virtual environment. Although, this is a more expensive setup in comparison with a VR which uses smartphone only.

4. What should we expect in the future?

In the future, we will witness rapid developments creating a truly immersive digital experience. With major players such as Google, Microsoft, Oculus and HTC are making efforts to improve existing capabilities. So we are not far from achieving virtual reality that looks much better than the real world.


Now you do have an idea of how does VR work. The technology provides countless opportunities for brands to create amazing content marketing. Through this approach, they will not only acquire customers but also establish themselves as pioneers in innovation.

Sufiyan Akber

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