How Can AI Enhance the Process of Customer Service?
How Can AI Enhance the Process of Customer Service?

It doesn’t matter how reasonable your pricing is, or how good of a quality your products are available in, if your customers do not have a satisfying experience while reaching out to your customer service, your business isn’t really thriving. Additionally, in the competitive battle zone where every competition is striving to introduce artificial intelligence (AI), more and more companies are learning and discovering how they can apply AI in their customer services.

Before we delve into how AI can be implemented into customer experience, let’s see how the conventional customer experience differs from the AI customer experience. Take an example of one of the largest telecommunication providers in the US called Xfinity which offers services of internet, TV, home phone, and smart home security to millions of American households. Their Xfinity customer service includes availability through phone number, email, social media pages, etc. (Click here for Xfinity customer service). How it is different from AI is that all of these tasks are performed by human customer support agents.

AI when applied in customer service is different. The use of AI technology has increased over the past few years, which makes it clear that AI isn’t just some future trend, it’s trending in this era already. This article will focus on how AI can benefit the customer service industry.

AI in Customer Service

Artificial technology strengthens customer engagement, encourages brand loyalty, and improves customer retention. It isn’t a replacement for human customer service agents, rather it accommodates them by taking up tasks that are too mundane for human customer service agents. This results in improved efficiency towards lessening the burden of the human customer support agents.

Moreover, AI allows for the integration of technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, and understanding of natural language to break down communication barriers.

How AI improves Customer Experience

Following are the ways how AI can help to improve the customer service experience of your brand;

Proactive and Personalized Customer Service. Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics can help to uncover common customer issues and provide insight into what is causing problems for the users. With the help of this data, you can implement AI chatbots to personalize your business in real-time, all the time remaining proactive as well.

Chatbots can stay one step ahead of every customer service scenario, providing a seamless experience for the user. They are programmed to respond to FAQs so that human customer support agents can focus on other complex issues.

Improvement in Lead Generation. Chatbots can start conversations with customers based on their browsing history to speed up the sales process. Using preprogrammed questions to validate leads before moving them to a sales agent is also one example of how chatbots want to make the process of purchasing hassle-free for the customers.

Data-driven Customer Insights. The technology of AI is so advanced that it can extract data from customer behavioral patterns and analyze them. The analyzed data can be then used to create a customer persona, match their personality to products they might buy, and display them in the most relevant content.

Other data that can be tracked using the AI algorithm are geo-specific events, on-site interactions, psychological factors, purchasing behaviors, etc. The more a brand knows about their customer, the more relevant and focused can their experience be.

Customize Content. When sending emails, it is not possible to manually send a customized email to every single customer on the list. This is where AI comes in; artificial intelligence technology can be used to send highly personalized emails based on the customers’ interests and relevant content.

These interests can be based on previously visited web pages, total time spent on the website, interaction at the website, etc.

Streamline Workflows. Chatbots are great for resolving customers’ queries. It can be made possible by initiating the conversation at a designated point on the website, providing answers to commonly used FAQs, and offering assistance wherever needed.

Hence, when AI technology takes up mundane tasks, it frees up time and space for human customer support agents to focus on more complex tasks. However, when a chatbot is unable to resolve an issue, that conversation with the customer is routed to the human customer support agent.

Prevent Burnout. Finally, when AI takes over mundane tasks, it can lessen the workload for human customer support agents who can use their focus and productivity on more complex tasks.

Also, brands might have international customers, which creates a problem for time-zone differences. But AI solves this issue by providing customer service 24/7 since it doesn’t require sleep. However, this doesn’t mean that AI will completely replace employees, rather AI can just help to ensure that the employees don’t feel burnt out under the pressure of the workload.


AI can help to improve and enhance customers’ experience every step of the way. Due to its ability to understand what customers like or dislike or how they shop, AI offers endless opportunities for your business.


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