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Apple AR Glasses Features and Other Leaks

Apple has been working on apple’s augmented reality glasses (AR) for quite a few years. It seems unavoidable that Apple will launch a set of augmented reality technology glasses one day. Thanks to numerous rumors confirmed by patent documents describing technologies that can be used in such a product. Also by some YouTube leakers like YouTuber Jon Prosser from the “Front Page Tech” channel on YouTube. AR has been a key feature of iOS for years. AR is the feature that Apple is looking to use in different and unexpected gadgets shortly. Apple glasses might be somewhat similar to VR glasses.

What will be Apple’s AR glasses features? What will be its design? How it will look like? What will be Apple’s AR glasses price? And who must use it? Here in this article, we will discuss the newest possible invention of Apple AR glasses and how it affects our globe.

The camera of Apple’s AR glasses

The glasses will attribute a LiDAR camera, and Apple engineers will use LiDAR data from the iPad and iPhone to command Apple’s augmented reality glasses. There has been an abundance of conjecture that Apple’s recent AR work. It is designed to seamlessly transfer developers to Apple’s augmented reality glasses applications.

Apple’s AR glass Design

Prosser didn’t tell us about the actual device. He said that the current Apple Glass model is made of plastic, and the device can wirelessly recharge on a quirky stand. It displaying information created on the iPhone to the user. Currently, glasses do not work in sun shades, but according to leaks, it might be possible that future releases are likely to work.


The leak suggests that the final design could be different, but it will still look like glasses not like any other unusual gadget that might not look good or cool on anyone’s face.

Gesture control

According to Prosser, the prototype shows information in both lenses. Apple Glass starboard user interface is the name of this technology. The user will be able to command Apple Glass with gestures on and in front of the device. IPhone will handle the data shown on the Glass because the wearable device might works like the original Apple Watch when we are considering apps.

As there is no RGB camera, as a result of it AR glasses might also feature the ability to read Apple’s QR codes as well which are supposed to be specially designed. Currently, there is no option for sunglasses. Intriguingly, the leak revealed Apple’s QR codes that should arrive with iOS 14 this fall with Apple iPhone 12 series.

Apple Augmented reality glasses release date

Apple AR glasses might be release in the upcoming event of Apple iPhone 12, However, Prosser tells that this year’s iPhone event could be pushed from September to October due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This may also force Apple to release Apple iPhone 12 models in October Only. Moreover, another source said that it is likely to be announced either alongside the iPhone 12 in the last quarter of 2020, and according to rumors it might be possible that Apple is looking into 2021 or early 2022. The company is alleged to be unveiling Apple’s augmented reality glasses at the iPhone event in the fall.


Apple AR glasses price

According to leaks and rumors, the Apple AR glasses price will be $ 499. However, Medical lens is also optional and on additional cost, it will be provided. But we cannot say this is the final price.

So, I hope you have got a clear idea of what the Apple augmented reality glasses or you can say Apple’s AR glasses will possibly be capable of. Share your queries and experience with us in the comment section below.


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