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6 Suggestions to Prepare Your New Computer’s Setup

If you have just purchased a new computer and are looking for ways to set it up, you are in the right place. You need to do several things right away to get the best experience later. This blog enumerates a few important things that you can follow to set up your new device. The tips to prepare your new computer’s setup apply to all laptops, regardless of the operating system it runs.

Update the Operating System

First thing’s first. No matter if you have purchased your laptop online or from a local vendor, the device must be kept in the warehouse by the manufacturer after it is released from the manufacturing unit. Although all new devices are shipped with the latest operating system versions, you still need to install available updates as one of the first things on your laptop. 

Not only will you get access to the latest features, but strengthen the device security too. In addition, you are less likely to encounter various performance issues, such as the infamous kernel panic or random restarts.

Updating the OS must be the first thing on the to-do list when you bring a new laptop, as if it adds any updated features, you will be able to configure them successfully during the setup phase. 

Remove Any Bloatware

Your computer comes preinstalled with a number of applications. Some of these apps are important for your computer to run properly while some are not of much use to you. All the necessary software that seems useless is known as bloatware. Deleting these apps help to free up the space that they occupy on storage media. Also, it helps to release system resources that the bloatware consumes. This is one of the must-do steps to prepare your new computer’s setup

While you may find a lot of such apps on Windows computers, they are hardly a concern on Chrome OS, Mac, or Linux devices. Erasing these apps will free up storage space on the hard drive while releasing resources that can be used by other important apps. It will speed up your computer and optimize its performance. 

Configure Antivirus App

Since Mac and Linux computers don’t come preinstalled with antivirus software, you need to install them to enhance your device’s security. Browse the web to find responsive antivirus apps for Mac or Linux, and you will find a lot of options available for free. You should install a good app even if it comes at a price. 

On the other hand, Windows computers come pre-integrated with Microsoft Defender, which is known to provide good protection against cyber threats. Whether your computer is powered with antivirus software or not, you should browse the web carefully every time you log in to online accounts or websites. If you wish to download your choice of the app on the computer, make sure to install it from a trusted and credible website. 

Install Anti-Theft Software

Protecting your device from unsocial attempts like thefts must be included on your checklist of to-do things after buying a new laptop. In case you lose your computer or it is stolen, you will not only lose your device but risk all the data stored on it. 

By having an anti-theft application in place, you can track your device or lock it remotely so that any other person cannot access your data. By using a few tools and tweaking several settings during the setup process, you will be able to locate your device and get your valuable data back. 

Optimize Laptop’s Power Settings

Laptops are portable devices that you usually carry to your schools, college, office, or wherever you go. To make your laptops work for longer, it is important that you maximize your battery life. Some simple tweaks to power settings can increase the hours between each charge. 

Reduce the display brightness and enable dark mode to save battery life to a large extent. One of the major factors that drain battery life hugely is extremely bright and sharp screen graphics. Do not keep it too dim as it will put extra stress on your eyes. Adjust the display, brightness, and other settings carefully while considering a perfect balance. 

Install Latest Browser

On your new computer, you may want to install your choice of browser. If you have purchased a Windows laptop, you will get Internet Explorer as your default browser, while on the Mac, you get Safari. You can install any other internet browser as per your choice and preferences. this way you can prepare your new computer’s setup to perform best.

Chrome is the most popular web browser, while Safari is the fastest. On your Chrome browser, you get the option to download different extensions to make your work easy and efficient. Check your web browser version to see if you need to update it to enjoy new features and enhance its security. 


The above-mentioned tips to prepare your new computer’s setup will allow you to make your computer ready to use. Apart from that, you can configure automated backups, set up cloud storage sync, tweak settings to prevent heat damage, or set up a VPN to maximize your usability experience.

Usama Sarfraz

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